Introducing: Vengeant

There’s something special about symphonic metal that has me instantly hooked and fascinated. And brand new Swedish band Vengeant achieve exactly that with their epic, intensely intriguing brand of cinematic, symphonic metal that they describe as “fantastical, powerful and dynamic.”

The quartet of Greek vocalist Danae Komodromou alongside Swedish instrumentalists Christoffer Holm (guitar and bass), Alfred Fridhagen (drums) and Dennis Eriksson (rhythm guitar) got together last year with the assistance of manager Emma Elmén.

And they’ve come up with something pretty special, fusing Danae’s stunning soprano vocals with an exciting, powerful instrumental backdrop. As Christoffer tells us: “As the main songwriter for the band, I’ve taken bits and pieces I believe are best from various metal genres, such as Power, Symphonic, Progressive and Djent, and put it all together into our very own Vengeant sound.”

Our first taste of the epic sound of Vengeant is the stunning debut single Angel’s Battle Cry, which was released last month. It opens up with stabbing sounds over rolling drums and guitar chords, which burst into booming drum rolls and drawn-out instrumentals. A funky guitar solo takes over, then a chugging guitar takes us into Danae’s huge vocals through a powerful opening verse, which ends on cries of “Defiant, Vigilant, We’re incorruptible, Enchanted, Undaunted, We are all indestructible!”

Huge instrumentals kick in, with stabbing guitars and strings, pounding rolling drums, which feeds into drawn-out instrumentals supporting phenomenally good vocals “We are heroes of the light above, We fly into the fray, Soaring high above the stormy clouds, Out of the sky, The angel’s battle cry.”

Big rolling drums offer a brief pause for breath as it drops into another powerful verse then high-pitched vocals repeat the previous verse-ending lines. A really cool guitar solo comes in, then relentless drums jump in as we flow into another epic chorus. Searing strings come in alongside repeated chugging guitars to bring the track to a deliciously heavy ending.

This has to be one of the best debut singles we’ve ever heard while running this site, so check it out in the video below:

On the track, Christoffer told us: “Firstly, thank you for appreciating the song! Actually, the reception has surpassed expectations. I have yet to read an all-around negative opinion or review of the song, which has gained scores from 75/100 to 100/100. The song is a heavy, melodic and quite cinematic track with lots of things going on throughout it.

“Conceptually, it is inspired by the white mana of the famous trading card game Magic: The Gathering. The five songs on our EP are all inspired by the five colours of mana in the game.”

The Vengeant sound has been inspired by other bands that create breathtakingly fantastical metal, including Symphony X, Galneryus, Stratovarius and Firewind. And there’s plenty more where Angel’s Battle Cry came from as the band has four more songs to come that Christoffer reveals will “showcase additional avenues of the Vengeant sound.”

And, as Christoffer adds: “We are a very new band and, as such, every stream of our songs and every new follower on our social medias makes a huge difference to us. If you like what you read and hear, consider following us and checking out the upcoming tracks as well.”

You can follow Vengeant on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

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