Introducing: The Ones You Forgot

New Jersey band The Ones You Forgot are intent on being the ones you well and truly remember with their intoxicating pop-rock meets punk rock sound. The band offer up engaging vocals, engaging instrumentals and the occasional cheeky solo in a sound they describe as “fun, energetic, (and yet) serious.”

The quintet of Jenna Bruno (vocals), Matthew Thompson and Ferdinand Benauro (guitars), Justin Rodman (drums) and Lance Nelson (bass), who come from Brick, NJ, released their first single in 2015 but didn’t really settle on their engaging brand of rock until later the next year.

As the band tell us: “It basically bloomed like a natural friendship for all of us. Matt and Ferd reached out to Jenna after seeing her covers on Instagram. Jamming for the first time was met with lots of SpongeBob quotes, joking around on guitar and probably a trip for pizza. It didn’t take long for us to figure out that we were a perfect match to start a band. The pieces further fell into place when Lance and Justin joined!

“We have a mixture of both pop and rock in our sound, we’re a big fan of hard hitting choruses and a solo every now and then.”

Our latest taste of The Ones You Forgot’s sound is Desensitized, which was released last month. It opens up with light guitars that drop into a light verse led by Jenna’s vocals, which suddenly explode into life in a powerful pre-chorus. That flows straight into a big energetic chorus with driving drums and a fun twinkling guitar lick supporting powerful vocals “Do you know what it’s like to pretend that you’re fine, Come to realize I don’t feel like I’m alive, At the scene of the crime, When I look in your eyes, I think it’s finally clear that I am desensitized, I’m desensitized.”

Heavier guitar chords bridge into a lighter verse, then chords re-join to build up to another big catchy chorus. There’s no time to recover as it dives straight into more powerful vocals “I don’t sleep because I’m tired, I sleep because I don’t want to be awake, In the world that we’re living in, I guess I’m going through the motions, I don’t want everyday to feel like it’s been stolen,” which leads into a final blast of the chorus.

On the track, the band told us: “The response has been amazing. We’ve never released a song like this before as a stand alone single so we were a little nervous but it ended up working out! For those who have not listened, it’s a bit of a dark song through both the general mood and lyrics. Usually our singles are quite bouncy and poppy but not this time!” Check out this cracking tune in the video below:

That follows last year’s single Something For Me, which is equally catchy with big singalong vocals supported by lively guitars and driving drums.

And both those singles follow their second EP Too Afraid To Say, which was released in 2018. It includes the big punky Everywhere, Everything and the excellent Here Forever, which is typically catchy and includes a cheeky little guitar solo to boot. Check it out here:

The Ones You Forgot’s sound has been influenced by a wide range of bands and musicians, from Jenna saying Hayley Williams, Tom Misch and Yvette Young and Ferd’s Sum-41, All Time Low and Paramore to the rhythm section of Lance and Justin opting for heavier bands like Northlane, The Color Morale and August Burns Red.

While their music is inspired by watching other musicians, other music, video games and more. As Jenna explains: “I am influenced by nature, my favorite movies/books, journaling and more. I feel like they are things that bring me better in touch with myself, so they make it easier for me to write lyrics.”

You can definitely expect new music on the horizon from the band. As they tell us: “Well we are definitely going to continue to write new music, hopefully that involves going to the studio too. We haven’t played Desensitized live yet so we’re obviously hoping that shows can safely return soon!”

You can follow The Ones You Forgot on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and YouTube.

Listen to The Ones You Forgot and more new rock on GigRadar Rock Spotify playlist

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