Introducing: Where Stars Collide

Italian band Where Stars Collide have honed a thrilling sound that they intriguingly summarise as being “chaotic in terms of emotions.” The band intertwines delicious melodies with full-on aggressive metalcore to offer a true assault on the senses that they describe as “melodic, energetic and variable.”

The band, from Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, first started out in 2015 with guitarist Simone and drummer Augusto, who completed the lineup with second guitarist Luca and first vocalist Vittorio. They released debut EP Monolith in 2017 and quickly established themselves with gigs alongside the likes of Dreamshade, Novelists, Loathe, Rolo Tomassi, Shokran and The Dali Thundering Concept, while adding new vocalist Ravi to the mix.

And on their sound, they tell us: “Where Stars Collide‚Äôs sound is chaotic in terms of emotions. Every single member of the band has different influences and we combine them to create a solid sound with catchy choruses, intricate arrangements and classy textures. We do everything to serve the song.We went through important changes after releasing our debut EP and we must be honest, we were a little bit concerned, but now we are truly excited. Expect more emotional and aggressive songs!”

Four years on from that debut EP, they’ve just released new single Freedom, which is the first single from their first album, which should be out this year. And Freedom is one hell of a track to get us excited about that debut album.

It opens up with light synth sounds that continue under light twinkling guitar notes. Big drawn-out vocals “We will carry on” come in over an atmospheric instrumental backdrop, which includes a darting, fast-paced guitar lick jumping in as the impressive vocals continue. It suddenly drops into huge screamed vocals “Fade away, Take a break, Until the dark night ends, Wait for the sun to come, The darkness is listening,” supported by a really cool bouncy riff and big driving drums.

Heavier drums kick in as the screamed vocals intensify, then develop into a more melodic section. A stabbing guitar riff supports more drawn-out vocals “Screams from the past, Disturbing the vision, Of something that could but never was, Stuck in a circle of thoughts that never let you be.” That gives way to light guitars and a cool short guitar solo, which develops into a powerful outro led by big vocals “We will carry on, All those kinds of mistakes, We’ll carry on, Again and again and again, On and on.”

On the track, the band tell us: “The reception has been incredible. We received several messages from our old and new fans and they are all excited about our new chapter. Freedom is a multidimensional song which unites profound emotions and meaningful refrains, as well as melancholic melodies which have the unique power of evoking the deep significance of the song.” Check it out in the video that takes the band into the beautiful Italian countryside below:

There’s plenty more where that came from on their debut EP, which includes tracks like the intense Entropia and Now, and the more melodic Equilibrium, which develops into a powerful, atmospheric conclusion.

Where Stars Collide’s members bring a wide variety of influences and musical backgrounds to the table, but find common ground among the djent scene. And bands like Tesseract, Periphery, Northlane and especially The Contortionist have had a huge influence on them writing music.

And on what inspires their music, they tell us: “The everyday life is probably what influences more us and we try to convey it in our music. Life is a continuous change and especially during these hard times, we have to be versatile in order to be consistent with our path. We must be strong, we must stay connected with other people in our lives and we must have hope. So we bring these themes back into our music.”

There’s plenty more to come from Where Stars Collide, including another new single Rage, which is out next Friday, and the release of their debut album sometime this year. As the band explain: “2021 leaves huge uncertainty, especially when it comes to live shows, but we are ready to come back with full force and enthusiasm when the sector will restart. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, we are focusing on releasing our first album and writing new music.”

You can follow Where Stars Collide on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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