Introducing: Paradise Plaza

French newcomers Paradise Plaza offer up an intriguing fusion of metalcore, pop music and Asian influences in their progressive and technical sound.

The band, based in Northern France, is formed of Indian frontman Hardik, alongside guitarist Flavian, bassist Raphaël and drummer Guillaume. Guillaume and Flavian previously played in a band called Amber Sea and Raphaël and Flavian were in The Betrayer’s Judgement. The trio decided to work together then completed the lineup when Hardik met Raphaël at a metal gig.

They’ve since honed a sound that they describe as “wavy, catchy and heavy.” Or, as Flavian puts it: “I would tell you that this is the vague middle of both pop/chill music and metalcore. Think of Volumes featuring with The Weeknd, with all humility of course. I don’t pretend we have the talent of those two… yet?”

Our first taste of this sound is the band’s superb debut single Hopeless, which was released last month. It opens up with light synth sounds then a big drum roll and booming guitars as the light synth continues. Hardik’s engaging, high-pitched vocals come in and are answered by powerful screams supported by diving low-tuned guitars and a light synth.

That feeds into a big atmospheric chorus with clean vocals answered by big screams, alongside the fun bouncy guitar riff and the continuing synth. Things suddenly get a lot heavier with big djenty low-tuned guitars, offset by a more sinister stabbing synth, and heavy screamed vocals. That suddenly drops into spoken Hindi over light guitars, then clean vocals come in and builds up to intense screamed vocals over deliciously low-tuned guitars. That flows into a big atmospheric conclusion, with searing synths and a bouncy guitar riff.

On the track, Raphaël says: “Hopeless is a punchy track full of emotions. The track is progressive nature but still technical enough to keep it interesting. Hopeless also features a section of the song in Hindi and, lyrically, it details an attempted break-out of an internal cage.” Check out this excellent debut single in the video below:

The Paradise Plaza sound has been influenced by a wide range of music, with strongest influences including bands like Volumes, Bilmuri, Bring Me The Horizon, Carpenter Brut, Windows 96 and The Midnight.

And when it comes to writing music, Hardik says: “Life events are the main influence. In those trying times, there is a plenty of material to write music, whether it be sad or hopeful. You just take slices of life that come to you everyday, and tell it with your words, with your music. Lyrics are inspired from either my personal experiences or stories I hear from friends, family or people I meet everyday.”

You can expect more new music from Paradise Plaza soon, as the band have been cooking up new tracks over the last year. And they add: “We all work with computers and we can hack or fix yours.”

You can follow Paradise Plaza on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

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