Introducing: Them Bloody Kids

Prepare yourself for some “sexy old school doom metal deliciousness” from exciting, rebellious new London band Them Bloody Kids. The band fuse doomy riffs, nu-metal groves and catchy choruses in songs that explore everything that’s wrong with the world.

The trio first started out a few years ago, when drummer Darren Maddox was lead singer and guitarist Sebastian Moederle-Lumb’s boss at the O2 Forum in Kentish Town. As Seb tells us: “To cut a long story short, we got talking about System of a Down and found out we loved the same music and both wanted to find a band to work with and write stuff we loved. So we formed Them Bloody Kids, and here we are three years later!”

They soon added bassist Vein to the mix, who met Seb when they studied at ICMP. And as Vein says: “A friend told me there was a very cool band looking for a bass player so I decided to give it a try. I have to admit I was amazed by their music and after playing together during an audition, Seb told me I was the perfect candidate to join the band. In a matter of a few days I felt immediately part of this family, and the rest is history.”

The trio have since honed a catchy, riff-heavy sound that they describe as “catchy, groovy and infectious” with “Energetic, danceable, groovy and catchy lyrics. Old school vibes with a modern twist.” They released debut EP The Angel in 2019, followed by a couple of singles last year and two more this year, which will all build up to the release of their debut album this Friday (23 April).

Our latest taste of the Them Bloody Kids sound is recent single The Demon, which opens up with powerful guitars and drums that feed into an opening verse of edgy vocals and drawn-out guitar chords. A huge cry of “the demon” over heavier guitars feeds into a more intense chorus “Through the crusty claws, Lucifer, Rises up, Now, Through the crusty claws” which feeds into creepy, demonic vocals.

A second chorus drops into big stabbing guitars and driving drums, alongside demonic cackles, which gradually increases in pace through to the end of a short, sharp but infectious track. On the track, the band tell us: “For those who haven’t listened, you’re missing out on some sexy old school doom metal deliciousness.” Check it out below:

That followed previous single Do What You Do, which opens up with Seb’s engaging vocals over palm-muted guitars. Drums jump in as it gradually builds up in intensity, which culminates in repeats of “So you do what you do what you do, so come on” answered by smashes of heavier instrumentals.

The pace drops down again for another verse, that again builds in intensity and heaviness. A second chorus drops into a groovy stabbing guitar riff and crashing cymbals, which builds into a final chorus. Check it out in the video below:

Both these tracks give us an inviting taster of what to expect from Them Bloody Kids’ debut album Radical Animals, which is out on Friday. The album is packed with bangers from the off, starting out with the intense Justified Lies and never backing down with huge, groovy tracks like Molly, The Angel and The Illusion. Also keep an eye out for the intensely dark title track Radical Animals and superb closing track Light On Upstairs, which opens with a delicious stabbing riff then rolling drums under drawn-out guitars and vocals and develops into a huge rock out with stabbing guitars and intense drums.

On the album, the band told us: “We are super pumped to get this out to the fans, it’s been a long journey to this point but we are buzzing with it and we hope they are too. They should expect some banging riffs, catchy choruses and powerful drums that they’ll have no choice but to dance to.”

The album saw them work with SiKth’s Justin Hill, on whom Seb told us: “We had an awesome time with Justin getting this album together, he was great with everything. He massively helped me personally with the vocal performances and I think without him my vocals wouldn’t pack half the punch they do. His knowledge of the gear and the process of it all was amazing to witness. I really found my voice with him, I’d say that for me was the highlight.

“The recording was actually very smooth and we had virtually no hiccups besides the physical aspect of the recording. Darren nearly died after three days of constant drumming.”

The band formed through their love of System of a Down and Scars On Broadway, but there’s very much a sound of Pitchshifter to their music. Other musical influences include the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Black Sabbath, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Deftones, Biffy Clyro and A Perfect Circle.

And lyrically, their music explores politically-incited hatred and violence, humanity’s growing lack of empathy, fear, inequality, and distrust of the system and those who run the world. As Seb says: “I’d say the most common theme within my lyrics is mental health struggles, general disdain with the system we live in and of course, THE SESH.”

In addition to the new album, the band is already working on writing for the next one and, when possibilities allow, getting their music on the road for us to enjoy at gigs. As they add: “Support your local bands and artists! EVERYONE is struggling right now within the music industry and your support means everything to us and them. We’ve got a limited run of CDs and Vinyl for the upcoming album and a load of other merch for you to get your grubby hands on and show your support!”

You can follow Them Bloody Kids on Facebook and Instagram, pre-order new album Radical Animals and grab their merch, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

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