Introducing: Capra

This may be a bold statement, but we firmly believe Louisiana metallic hardcore band Capra are the most exciting American band we’ve discovered in five years of running this site. They’ve honed a raw hardcore sound that fuses deliciously vicious vocals with a veritable juggernaut of intense riffs and rhythms that has you hooked from the very first second you hear it.

Led by the brilliantly explosive, spitting vocals of Crow Lotus, the Lafayette band is completed by Ben Paramore (bass), Jeremy Randazzo (drums), and Tyler Harper (guitar). The quartet have known each other for years from playing in various local bands, but started out as a project between Jeremy and Tyler, with the former originally on guitar and the later on bass. The pair switched to their current instruments when they lost a drummer before a show, brought in Ben around three years ago and added Crow to the mix a year later. And, as Ben tells us: “We all tend to agree that this is the best lineup Capra has ever had, which is why we’ve been able to finally make a jump to the next level.”

And that level is one hell of an impressive one, honing a sound that Ben summarises as: “It sounds like bottling your feelings until you explode; it’s aggressive without being abusive while trying to offer some underlying meaning and understanding.”

Our first taste of the band – which, like many others in the past was courtesy of our Spotify Discover Weekly collection – was the excellent single The Locust Preacher. It opens with a darting high-pitched guitar line that accelerates into a heavier darting riff and driving drums as Crow’s intense vocals take over. A cool riff comes in as Crow’s vocals slow down but refuse to drop in intensity with her impressive vicious delivery in a section that ends on crushingly heavy drums.

The track is unrelenting with sections of vocals into flowing smoothly into one another, including a screamed cry of “Don’t let it take me, Please don’t, Please let me go, Why am I here? What have I done in my past life?” A cool twisting riff kicks in alongside crushing drums and fast-paced vocals and then, just in case you weren’t amped up enough, it ends on a delicious high-pitched riff and heavy vocals.

On the track, Ben told us: “The reception has been incredible. It may arguably be the track this album will most be remembered for. I mean, none of us have ever hit a ‘best of’ list with any song we’ve been a part of, but this song has done just that. As far as describing it, I’d say the intro slowly drips into existence; a raw riff that hones in and focuses on an intense core theme before the song starts building to an aggressive, chaotic crescendo. It’s mathy in parts and straight hardcore in others.” Check it out for yourself in the video below and check out the guitar playthrough.

And if that wasn’t enough intense hardcore for you, then they somehow managed to up the levels for their most recent single Samuriah Carey. If you’re feeling even slightly on edge today, this might not help, but it’s superbly heavy and wild.

It opens with cool drums that are joined by a lively riff as Crow’s huge vocals join in. That drops into a more laid-back guitar line as Crow’s vocals, if such a thing possible, intensify with the lines “Someone asked me if I was content with the way things were in my world, Don’t you want to taste forever? Hold life in the palm of your hand? Don’t worry about the hearts you’ll break, the dreams you’ll throw away, you’ll have brothers in sorrow, He said you might as well die today, why wait for tomorrow?”

The rarity of a relatively mellow section with drawn-out guitars under Crow’s almost spoken vocals is blasted wide open with huge pounding drums and piercing guitars supporting Crow’s even more savage vocals “No more relying on empty promises built on torment, By others more crippled than myself, No more lowering myself to the level of the walking dead, I’ll claw my way out if I have to on hands and knees, To remember what life was like when I used to be me, And not a shell stuck in a haze, A clarity worth more than gold, This time I won’t throw that away.”

The track ends on a deliciously heavy smash of drums and a darting riff. And you can check it out below:

Both of these tracks give us plenty to get excited about with the band’s debut album In Transmission, which is out this Friday. And trust us, you’re not going to want to miss this. On the album, Ben tells us: “We’re pumped. We’ve been sitting on this album since before Covid so this all feels long over due. It’s hard for any of us to believe that we’ve never played some of these songs for a crowd before. I wouldn’t expect everything to sound like Locust Preacher, but I’d say the whole album is uniquely us. Some tracks are  hardcore anthems, others have a rock’n’roll vibe, others meander into ambient genres. It’s all Capra, but there’s a lot of flavors in there.”

There is a more melodic edge to the Capra sound, as evidence by previous single Paper Tongues but the overriding energetic heaviness of the band is something that we can’t help but get excited about. We’re also not surprised to see Employed To Serve listed as the second band in the ‘Fans also like’ section on Capra’s Spotify page, alongside the excellent Sharptooth. They offer a similar level of intensity and unmistakable viciousness that both these bands also offer. And in terms of bands that influenced the Capra sound, they list the likes of Every Time I Die, Kid Dynamite, Botch, Gouge Away, Comeback Kid, Knocked Loose, Converge, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Fugazi and many more.

 And when it comes to what inspires their music, Ben explains: “We’re all about pulling from our personal struggles. Most of Crow’s lyrics are about things she’s been through or watched others go through. For example, Locust Preacher is about a stint in her life when she was struggling with sleep paralysis and seeing sleep demons.”

In addition to releasing their debuit album on Friday, there’s plenty more in the works from CAPRA. As Ben explains: “We have about half of an album in the writing process, we’re beginning to book a fall tour, and we may even have a few closer to home gigs in the not too far future. Vaccines are open to everyone in Louisiana. Our whole band has been vaccinated.  We’re giving it time for others to do the same, but we’re ready to get back out there. Safely, obviously.” And if you’re lucky enough to be in and around Louisiana, this is a band you simply have to see live but, if not, then here’s a taste of what you’re missing with a ‘Slay At Home’ live performance. We’ll book our tickets now!

Finally, Ben added: “People should know that Capra highly supports getting the vaccine if you’re able to, to protect your friends who can’t get it so we can all party in the near future.  We’re on all major social platforms so follow us to keep up with when you can come check us out in the flesh! Thank you for this interview opportunity and thank you to anyone taking the time out of their day to read this!”

You can follow Capra on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can pre-order their debut album In Transmission now, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and Deezer.

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