Introducing: Before We Fall

Hungarian band Before We Fall offer up an intriguing modern metal sound that fuses metal with classical music influences and orchestral instruments. The band was established on metalcore foundations but is evolving its sound with a second EP that’s out next week, which they describe as “melancholic, atmospheric and dynamic.”

Before We Fall started out as a solo project in 2018 following the dissolution of a former band. But it soon developed into a full band comprised of Róth Henrik (vocals and guitar), Tagscherer István (guitar), Somodi Dániel (bass) and Vadász József (drums).

On the sound they’ve honed, Róth tells us: “As a mixture of classical and modern, we describe our style mostly as modern rock/metal and I think that’s quite accurate. We like to use orchestral instruments alongside synths and massive low tuned guitars.”

The band will release a three-track EP on Friday (30 April), from which they’ve just released the lead song Healed By Fear. It opens up with light piano with distant synth, which drops into big guitar chords and driving drums over the synths. That feeds into an engaging verse led by powerful vocals, which are joined by stabbing guitars and build up to a big catchy chorus.

A second chorus gives way to a fun guitar solo over heavy drums, which drops into a big atmospheric final blast of the chorus. And the track ends with big cries of “falling down” over heavy guitars and driving drums.

On the track, Róth modestly tells us: “It won’t change the world, but I hope it makes your day a little bit better.” Check it out in the video below:

And on the EP generally, Róth says: “Back in the days of 2018, we started as a metalcore project with the usual clichés of the genre. We like those songs but being honest if I look back that wasn’t our style, just a genre we liked very much. Healed by Fear is different. We reached a point where we didn’t care about genres and style just played what we wanted. We’ve tried to keep the balance between classical instruments like piano, cello and more modern sounds.”

The band may not be overly enamoured with their previous music, but they released another three-track EP Doesn’t Seem Enough last year. The EP generally is clearly more grounded in metalcore, but there’s plenty to enjoy on it. We particularly like the sound of Nothing’s Gonna Be The Same, which opens up with a light guitar riff that builds into a really cool heavy instrumental section. Stabbing guitars and pounding drums support Róth’s engaging vocals, which are answered by big screamed vocals, and build into an atmospheric chorus.

Before We Fall’s biggest musical influences include the likes of Trivium, Sonic Syndicate and a lot of metalcore bands. While Róth adds: “From lyrical aspect my greatest influence was the Finnish dark rock/metal band Sentenced. Our lyrics mostly revolve around the topics of loneliness, depression, hope and love.”

We’ve featured a few great Hungarian metal bandsFaminehill, HARMED and Omega Diatribe – over the last couple of years. And on their local scene, Róth said: “In my opinion there are many great bands but due to lack of opportunities most of them stays unknown because they can’t reach their audience.”

Before We Fall’s second EP Healed By Fear is out on Friday (30 April). The band already has plans to record and release another EP and more singles and music videos, so this is very much a band to keep an eye out for.

You can follow Before We Fall on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

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