Introducing: Autoclismo

It’s been a while since we featured any instrumental music but in Brazilian trio Autoclismo we’ve discovered a band that fuses heavy riffs and groove in a fun atmospheric rock sound they describe as “weight, adrenalin and weirdness.”

The trio of Lucas Barbosa (guitars), Fernando Castelo Branco (bass) and Jarrel Santos (drums) come from Teresina, which is the capital of PiauĂ­, in northeast Brazil. They’d all played in other bands in the area before forming Autoclismo in 2018 and have signed to Latin rock and metal label Electric Funeral Records.

On the sound they’ve honed since, they tell us: “We try to mix heavy riffs with some groove parts and at the same time cause a little weirdness on the listener.”

Our latest offering of this weirdness is new four-track EP Tetra. It opens with a bang with Venice, which dives straight into fun guitar chords and lively drums. It drops into palm-muted guitars, which give way to a cool wah-ridden solo before stabbing guitars and more wah guitars.

That’s followed by the cool Scheduled Obsolescence, which starts with repeating guitar notes that feed into a big wah-ridden solo. Second time around, the solo continues into really cool drawn-out guitar notes, with the wah still engaged, to bring the track to a close supported by heavy drums and cymbals.

The pace picks up for Nuts Bloody Nuts, which opens up with a funky guitar lick and driving drums. Big crashing cymbals come in alongside guitar chords and occasional flurries of notes, before dropping into palm-muted guitars. Soon enough there’s a really cool flurry of guitar licks broken up by drum hits, which develops into driving drums and a big guitar solo.

The EP closes out with shortest track S.A.M.O., which starts out with little flurries of descending guitar notes over driving drums and guitar. That drops into a lively section of rolling drums and palm-muted guitars then cool ascending guitar notes feed into high-pitched flurries. A driving riff comes in and supports a funky little solo, then chugging guitar chords feed into an energetic outro.

On the EP, the band told us: “We’ve been collecting very nice reviews of Tetra, although we are stuck in this pandemic situation and unable to play live. Tetra brings four songs that represent different moments in the band, so you have catchy melodies, groove, heavy riffs and strange atmospheres during a listening session of this work.”

Autoclismo’s members share a love of Deftones but, other than that, have very distinct influences that range from Fugazi and Kraftwerk to Mastodon and Marillion. And on what inspires them to write music, they say: “Most of the time someone comes with a riff, or a passage. Sometimes we try to begin working from a topic, or even a title. It’s all very free!”

We’ve not met too many Brazilian bands so far, only three in five years. So we were keen to get the band’s insight into their local scene. They told us: “Brazil has a very strong underground scene since the early 1980s. Sometimes the musical industry used to remember it and decide to grab a band or two. Now the record labels are broken and the bands have an important tool in the digital platforms, so this gap between bands and listeners is getting a little smaller now.”

There’s plenty more to come from Autoclismo once all the pandemic mess has been dealt with. As they say: “Due to Covid-19 we’ve been only recording in remote mode and, as the Presidente of our country is a negationist that discredits vaccines and social isolation, we have no immediate plans
to play live too soon, unfortunately.

As soon as all this scenery shows some security for gatherings, we’ll be very happy to come back to the gigs. Meanwhile, we can eventually record and release new stuff, no problem. We love who love us. Stay safe and protect the ones you love. Don’t support fascist shit!”

You can follow Autoclismo on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and Napster.

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