Introducing: Stoke The Fire

Long Island trio Stoke The Fire have honed an engaging hard rock sound that aims to take the listener on a musical journey they describe as “passionate, innovative and emotion.” The band fuses engaging vocals with chunky riffs and heavy rhythms in a sound that has a bit of an early 2000s rock feel to it.

The trio of Manny Figueroa (vocals and guitar), Steve Rivera (bass) and Brian Karl (drums) formed in the spring of 2018 with the aim of creating a new band that was unique and innovative. They released three singles over the last three years to give people a taste for the Stoke The Fire sound.

On what to expect from that, the band tell us: “Relating to the present and recent times as opposed to the remote past, Stoke the Fire incites a strong emotion and takes you on a musical journey. Not only is the music meant to be heard, it’s made to be felt.”

The band has signed with Curtain Call Records and began building up to their debut album with the recent release of new single Outlive the Opposition. It opens up with cool fast-paced guitar riff and big cymbal crashes that drop into a laid-back verse led by Manny’s vocals with palm-muted guitars creeping in. Big guitars support heavier vocals, before dropping back into a light verse that swiftly builds into an intense chorus.

A third verse is supported by heavier instrumentals and feeds into a powerful chorus, which gives way to repeating guitars and rolling drums that end with a big scream and feed into an energetic outro.

On the track, they said: “We are very proud of our newest single Outlive the Opposition. It’s the sound of a rock band cementing a powerful identity that’s steadily materializing. Since the moment of its release the single was met with an overwhelming response building a worldwide fanbase one fan at a time.” Check it out here:

That track was preceded by last year’s single Suffocate, which opens with a cool call and response section between light and heavy guitars and drums. A big cry of “The animosity raises” ushers in heavier guitars in a big atmospheric instrumental section. That feeds into an engaging chorus of big vocals and heavy guitar support, which flows into a powerful, catchy chorus.

Chunky guitar chords bridge into a second verse supported by a fun stabbing riff, which flows into another big chorus. The pace drops a little with a little noodling bassline answering light guitar licks, and gradually builds up to a big final smash of the chorus and heavy guitars bring it to a close. Give it a listen here:

Prior to that, they released Last One Standing, which starts out slower with moody guitar and a pulsing background sound. Light vocals come in and build up to a huge catchy chorus “Dose after dose, I’m becoming psychotic, Night after night, Feeling euphoric from the shock of the grave, Paranoia consumes me, Bodies converge, I’m the last one standing.”

A second chorus drops into heavy guitars and drums under Manny’s engaging vocals that give way to light guitars then bursts into huge final blasts of the chorus.

And those three tracks all follow debut single Silent Existence, which offers even more catchy rocky goodness that you can check it out in the video below:

Stoke The Fire’s musical influences include a special mention for Sevendust, which has been a huge creative influence for them. But, as they tell us: “Each member has a long list of personal influences that really shape who we are as people and musicians.”

And on what inspires their music, they add: “Lyrically, it comes from many places: a movie, a personal experience, an outside perspective on a situation. Musically, it can come from a riff or a drum beat and expands from there with each member putting their own stamp on it.”

There’s plenty more to come from Stoke The Fire, starting with their debut album Rise Up, From The Ashes. As well as Outlive The Opposition and Suffocate, the album will also include the songs November Song, Shedding Skin, Redemption and Collateral Scars. It was produced by Joe Cincotta, who’s also worked with Suffocation and Obituary, and recorded at Full Force Studio.

And the band add: “If you enjoy being on the cutting edge of ‘what’s next,’ this is your place for discovering the sounds of new. Music is what we are called to do. It’s who we are. It’s what we believe in. As a unit the band has come together with a collective musical vision, uncompromising goals, and absolute passion.”

You can follow Stoke The Fire on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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