Introducing: Cardijum

Emerging Minneapolis band Cardijum offer up a crushing deathcore meets death metal sound that’s packed with powerful riffs, intense rhythms and savage vocals. But despite the dark and eerie tones of Cardijum, this is very much a band that likes to have fun and describes their sound as “fun, upbeat and extreme.”

The band was first started by bassist Nick Christiansen, who left a previous band in November 2019 as it wasn’t what he was looking for musically. He set about creating something new and unique that met his musical ambitions and brought Josh Miranda (vocals), Danan Jensen and Andre Ahyai (guitars) and Ryan Johnson (drums) on board.

On the sound that Cardijum have honed since, they tell us: “Cardijum is like if you took two raccoons fighting in a gunny sack, but you gave them party hats, and the raccoons really love each other. The craziness is just for fun. Riffs for days, and breakdowns that shake your pants out of nowhere! Cardijum has a sound that old school metalheads would enjoy, and also catches the eyes and ears of the modern crowd as well.”

Our first taste of this is debut single Sleep which, ironically, will do anything but put you to sleep and features Bryce Butler on drums. It dives straight into huge blastbeat drums and a darting riff, then faster guitars and, if such a thing is possible, faster drums as Josh’s intense vocals take over.

The intensity continues with unrelentingly heavy, fast-paced vocals supported by equally brutal drums and various riffs. Indeed, it takes nearly three minutes before there’s a chance to take a breath, when the drums drop out leaving just a stabbing low-tuned guitar. Drums kick in alongside an insanely savage guttural scream that feeds into brutal screamed vocals and stabbing low-tuned guitars. The track closes out with chunky guitars, rolling drums and terrifying screams “You’ve made your choice, Welcome to the shadow realm where everything is oblique, Rest easy scion, For it is now time to go to sleep.”

The video for the track is also… interesting. And on the song and the video, the band told us: “Sleep has had some really great feedback. With Josh as our new vocalist, it really opened up opportunities for us as far as writing music goes. People have been very receptive to that, and we have had GREAT feedback!

“The music video is basically a fever dream… Andre is the main character in the video, and no matter what he can’t seem to fall asleep without these things plaguing him. It was a lot of fun to shoot the video, and something that you don’t normally see in music videos. We wanted to do something more than just your typical warehouse setting performance video.” Check it out for yourself below:

The Cardijum sound has been influenced by the likes of Vale Of Pnath, Inferi, Lorna Shore, Rivers Of Nihil, Black Crown Initiate and, obviously, Paramore.

And on what inspires their music, the band tell us: “Cardijum writes about a lot of fantasy. A lot of our influences come from Melodic Death Metal, as well as Tech Death, and Deathcore genres.”

There’s plenty more to come from Cardijum, including another single before releasing an eight-track album on 24 September. They also have a small tour booked in for the autumn, which they’re currently finalising.

And as the band adds: “Cardijum has a lot to prove. We have had our ups and downs, but this band works hard. We WILL get our name out there, and we just really want to have fun with the people we meet. We all love traveling, and most importantly the music. We are really excited to show everybody what we’ve got, and it’s only going to get better!”

You can follow Cardijum on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube and through Vicious Instinct Records on Bandcamp.

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