Introducing: The Modern Times

Part-time Norwegian indie-punks as they are known, The Modern Times hosts a hybrid of original and jagged post-punk with a garage-band aura.

It is easy when listening to their power-pop anthems and album, entitled Algorhythmic Dance, to hear that they have a unique and bold sound unmatched by many other bands out there today.

The Modern Times all take part in writing and producing their own music. The band consists of Jon Breines Høyland (guitar and backup vocals), Terje Arntsen (bass and backup vocals), Isak Harbitz (drums/percussion and backup vocals), Jørgen Frydstad (guitar and backup vocals) and lead singer Magnus Vold Jensen, who brings a delivery that is not only unique but in your face. You can hear that he is very infused with a grunge-type feel in the song It Sure Is Fun To Party.

It’s hard to pinpoint a specific sound for these guys, but it sure is fun to listen to in multiple capacities. It is reminiscent of both pop or punk-sounding anthems mixed with some ‘90s alternative but boasting a new-age feel. They have been going strong since their debut album, The Parade, in 2016, and a self-titled album This is the Modern Times in 2017, and  Everything Is Going To Be Fine in 2019 – perhaps this was a premonition, of sorts? – before their latest in Algorhythmic Dance

They have been discovered and featured by Marmoset, an elite agency focused on music licensing, as a band that is “probably idiotic enough to base a song on the burger menu of their favourite bar.” They play live most often in Norway, including the Raumarock festival, but do some travelling as well.

The music video is most intriguing for this track, demonstrating a man (Atle Antonsen) eating a giant burger in slow motion, without any evidence of using a napkin, which may be a little difficult for some to watch. 

Some of his bites don’t quite make it entirely into his mouth, either. Soon confetti starts to fly from up above, and he seems satisfied with his food in the end. All the while, you hear the lyrics shouting “I’m so happy now” – possibly in reference to being happy when quenching his hunger with this burger. Next time you’re in the area, the band says to “Stop by and buy yourself a Motörhead with bread or a Dead Kennedy’s with cheese. Also available at Wolt / Foodora.” Will do, since after watching that video, it is difficult not to crave a burger.

One of their newer releases Am I Losing Touch cleverly weaves in some “underwater” sounds, matched well by the animation within the video. The musical vibe pulls in some Modest Mouse mixed with some of The Hives vibes. Punk rock encompasses such a wide range of underground sounds. With creativity like this, it is no surprise that this group is making a name for themselves worldwide. 

The band says the inspiration for The Modern Times Stuck At Work came from the belief (100%, in fact) that all working people hate their jobs and would rather be doing other stuff, like, say – playing rock music. The song refers to living a monotonous life while daydreaming about doing more. 

This type of song is very relatable to almost anyone who works. It is fascinating to listen to the lyrics, which any working stiff may have pondered these conflicting thoughts. At the same time, at work, such as “I should take my job more seriously,” and “I should spend more time with my family,” while instead just being stuck feeling “ignored, ashamed, bored, leaning towards not giving a fuck!”

With this sort of anthem, we should hear it playing loud and clear across the United States, one of the busiest and most overworked countries. The band loves playing live and is looking forward to getting back to the stage soon, as well as back in the studio to start creating their next smash album for their fans.

You can follow The Modern Times on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Soundcloud and Spotify. You can also license their music for any creative projects or videos through Marmoset.

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