Introducing: Mister Misery

It’s difficult not to be hooked into the thrilling, epic horror sound of Swedish technical metal band Mister Misery. The band fuses fast, angry metal with grandiose orchestral elements, which makes for an energetic and intense fun-thrilled ride.

The quartet of Harley Vendetta (vocals and guitar), Alex Nine (lead guitar and backup vocals), Rizzy (drums and backup vocals) and Alex Alister (bass and backup vocals) hail from three cities across southern Sweden: Karlstad, Stockholm and Gothenburg. It started out with Alex and Harley, then Rizzy joined after being a stand-in drummer, before Alister completed the lineup having previously sold the band’s merch on their first headline tour.

They’ve since set about honing a sound that Alex describes as: “Fast, technical modern metal with a lot of orchestration and touches of the horror world.” To which, Harley adds: “It’s a homage to everything that came before, but refined in a modern type of metal sound with orchestral elements and ambitious melodies.”

We first discovered Mister Misery with their single Ballad of the Headless Horseman, which also happens to be the opening track of their second album A Brighter Side of Death that was released at the end of last month. A light intro bursts into dramatic guitars and orchestral instrumentals then a big fast riff that flows into a funky opening vocals.

That builds up to a big catchy chorus of “So dear Mr. Crane don’t go away, Save me from myself, Don’t go away, There’s one more left to save, Mr.Crane I need your faith, Save them from my blade, And sing the ballad of the Headless Horseman.”

A second chorus ends on a “bleugh” scream then heavy guitars feed into big screamed vocals that flow into a lively guitar solo then a big final chorus. The album also closes out with a special orchestral version of the track that’s well worth checking out.

Before the album came out they released several further singles, including Mister Hyde. The track is one of the heavier on the album despite a slow gothic start. Big chunky guitars suddenly kick in alongside rolling drums and wild vocals and a screaming guitar lick. It drops into dramatic orchestral sounds and chugging guitars that continue under Harley’s introductory vocals “Knock knock, Open the door, It’s Mister Hyde, Bang, bang I’ll slash your throat and I’ll rip it away, Tear it away just for fun,” which as Alister summarises “while listening to it I think you can feel and see Mister Hyde coming up your stairs.”

That flows into a melodic chorus of “It’s not like I feel ashamed I’m just a rat in a cage, The beast is crazed, It’s insane, Jekyll’s inside and Hyde is roaming wild, I’m trapped behind his face” and ends on a big cry of “The cold Mister Hyde, Yeah!”

A second chorus flows into lively instrumentals under repeating vocals, then stabing guitars give way to big gothic instrumentals. A light guitar lick comes in and gives way to a huge guitar solo alongside a cry of “Oh god here he comes, Mister fucking Hyde,” which flows into a big final chorus.

On the track, Harley told us: “The response so far has been great and the only way to describe it is to say that it’s one of those songs where your head will automatically start to headbang as soon as the main riff hits!

Rizzy added: “I can only agree with Harley that they loved the song. If you listen to it for the first time you will experience a story in which the beast will come and eat you up! There are big choruses and a very fat, heavy main riff that will make you go crazy!” Check it out in the lyric video below:

As mentioned, both these tracks come from Mister Misery’s second A Brighter Side of Death, which Alister describes as being “like the first one (Unalive) but on steroids! Way more evil, hard and intense!” It’s packed with huge dramatic metal tracks like the excellent Burn and I’ll Never Be Yours. While second single Devil In Me offers a delicious taste of the band’s penchant for the dramatic in the ambitious video below:

On the album, Harley tells us: “It’s like we refined and figured out what our sound was for this album, so you can say that fans can expect everything they loved from the first album dialled to 11!

And Rizzy adds: “We have put so much effort into this album and now the time will finally come for A Brighter Side of Death to show itself to the world! The album is a big upgrade from the previous one in the way of production and songwriting, I would say. There are some really cool elements in every song that makes the album unique and really heavy.”

Mister Misery’s music is influenced by a wide range of bands from old school rock’n’roll like Kiss, Motley Crue, Guns’n’Roses and Alice Cooper through to In Flames, Linkin Park, Nightwish, Periphery, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica.

And on what inspires their music, Harley says: “Well, the creation of something that previously wasn’t there. I love making music for the purpose of getting my inner feelings out and to be creative, which is my number one fun thing to do! We write about a broad set of things from fictional characters to real life situations!”

There’s plenty more to come from Mister Misery, who are already hard at work on new material for their third album. They’ll be on tour with Beast In Black in November and have plenty more content and shows coming our way shortly. And, as Rizzy tells us: “We are here to stay and we can’t wait to hit the road again and tour the world!”

You can follow Mister Misery on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

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