Introducing: Dig The Grave

Like many new music projects, West Coast band Dig The Grave is the product of necessity formed during the pandemic and, in their words, “born out of the need to simply create heavy music with like-minded creatures.”

The band sees four veterans of the Bay Area’s heavy music scene unite in Paul Nieblas (vocals and rhythm guitars), Gabe Ausiello (lead and rhythm guitars), Erik Robertson (bass) and Todd Sipes (drums). The quartet have honed the perfect metal cocktail, blending elements of metalcore, thrash, nu-metal and death metal along with hints of progressive and hard rock. That brings together technical guitars and a punchy rhythm section alongside Paul’s mix of guttural growls and melodic vocals.

On the band’s formation, Paul told us: “Sharing Bay Area practice spaces and venue stages alike, it was a natural fit for all four members to come together and create something both new, yet true to their individual roots. Listeners will hear influences across the metal gamut.”

Our first taste of this was their second single ISO, which opens with electronic noises that give way to a dramatic blast of drawn-out guitars and synths. That drops into a powerful opening verse of heavy screamed vocals, stabbing guitars and driving drums. It flows into a huge chorus led by clean, high-pitched vocals “Isolation, stuck in my own head, Self destructive false emotions, It’s my delusion, picking me apart, I’m the greatest enemy to myself” supported by guttural screams.

The guitars drop out leaving a thick bassline to lead into a second verse of brutal screamed vocals. That ends on a little flurry of guitar shredding that teases a solo but flows into another huge chorus, which ends on a vicious scream over twinkling keyboard sounds that bring the track to a close.

The band put together a really cool video for the track, which sees some of their favourite musicians – including Andy Cizek and guys from Alexisonfire, Anthrax, Lamb of God, Sepultura and more – give their reactions to the track! Check it out below:

Since then, the band has released new single Borrowed Time, which opens with palm-muted guitars under clean vocals that develop into big screams as a cool descending riff takes over. That continues into delicious clean vocals “All my life I’ve tried to control my anger, So confused, Feeling taken advantage of, (Can’t win a war this way), I try to open the door and let you in, These walls are coming down, The truth comes with time, I’m trying.”

A searing guitar solo takes over alongside chugging guitar chords and rhythms, which feed into brutal screamed vocals that feed back into a shortened version of the opening vocals. Distant guttural screams come in alongside heavy instrumentals then clean vocals over high-pitched guitars as the track comes to a dramatic ending.

Both those tracks follow the darker debut single 5150, which you can check out in the stream below:

On what to expect from the Dig The Grave sound, Paul told us: “For new listeners (everyone), expect to hear a different take on a few music styles. We’re not reinventing the wheel with this band. Just making what we would want to listen to anyways. We’re a balanced attack for any genre you want to put us in.”

The band;s sound is shaped by a wide range of influences, with Paul personally giving a nod to Sevendust, Killswitch Engage, Mudvayne, Soilwork and many more.

And on what inspires them to write music, he adds: “We write about everyday life. I try to put everything out on the table. Going through emotions, positive and negative. Just trying to be honest.”

Dig The Grave are firmly focused on making a splash in the metal scene and there’s plenty to enjoy about their fusion of metal genres. It’s catchy and engaging one moment and pure brutal aggression the next. And the good news is there’s much more to come from the band, including a new single every couple of months, more videos, and an EP in the works that they hope will be done by the autumn (fall).

You can follow Dig The Grave on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube.

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