Introducing: Achachak

We tick off country number 50 on the GigRadar map today as we introduce our first Croatian band. Stoner rock band Achachak have honed a doomy, groovy sound laced with delicious riffs that they describe as “slow, psychedelic and loud.”

The dark and moody sound of Achachak is one they summarise as: “Imagine Matt Pike and Liz Buckingham having a child and the same child being raised by the band Clutch and sober Uncle Ozzy.”

The band, from the small town of Vučipolje near Sinj in the south-east of Croatia, released three singles ahead of an eight-track album last year. And they’ve just released their first single – on 20 April, fittingly – from their upcoming second album High Mountain, which is out on 26 June.

Mr. SM opens up with guitar noise that drops into drawn-out guitars and rolling drums and give way to a cool riff. That riff continues by mirroring echoey opening vocals “He can pray, No matter what you do, He believes, That he is he and you are you, Uncontrolled thoughts, He is watching you, Quiet deeper creeper, He crawled to his doom, Mr. Satanic Manic, Make it rain and despicable fire, Who’s your supervisor, He’ll drown him in endless mire.”

Higher-pitched guitars come in with chorus cries of “Stop breathing as long as you, Can still believing there is good and bad.” The cool laid-back riff returns and continues alongside more engaging vocals. The pace unexpectedly picks up with stabbing guitars and a funky solo alongside crashing drums. The solo ends on fast-paced notes that drop back into a dark, psychedelic mire to bring the track to a close.

On the track, the band told us: “We are satisfied with the reactions, but we’re seeking more people who are craving for very loud and dark music. Mr. SM is a perfect example of what awaits you on the second album. As one of the Vikings said ‘Which one of you cowards shit my pants?’ no one answered.” Check out Mr. SM in the video below:

Their debut album included the delicious My Inner Peace, which opens up with light guitars, then a pause drops into a light riff and throaty vocals. A heavier riff kicks in and plays a call and response game with the vocals “Don’t need your news, Don’t need your words, Don’t need you, I don’t need you.” A funky solo takes over alongside crashing cymbals to bring the track to a strong ending. Check it out in the video below:

Their previous singles included the epic near 15-minute-long Wet Grave, which is packed with filthy low-tuned guitars.

These tracks give us a good taste for what to expect for the new album. While the band told us: “The album is the logical sequence behind our first album At The Bottom Of The Sea – the band is more serious and older and so are the songs themselves. We brought the production to the level we wanted, which we hope you will hear.”

The Achachak sound has been influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath and Kyuss to Motorhead, Red Fang and Clutch. And on what inspires them to write music, they add: “Since we live in a place where God said goodbye, inspiration is every morning, every stone and every tone we hear. We love horror movies very much, that love adds a special colour.”

As mentioned, Achachak are the first band we’ve featured from Croatia, and on their local scene the band explains: “Oh, we are honoured to be first. There are a lot of bands from the Croatia and Balkan area. The scene has its deviations, ups and downs. There are many bands, the question is how many of them have a desire to go beyond the borders of their speaking area. And on the other hand, the audience exists.”

The band’s second album High Mountain is out on 26 June and you can expect that to be preceded by another single and video.

You can follow Achachak on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and Deezer.

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