Introducing: Luna Kills

Finnish trio Luna Kills have honed a heavy but catchy rock sound that’s laced with pop influences as well as blues and jazz inspiration, which they describe as “energetic, fierce and iconic.”

The band has its roots in a former band of cousins Lotta Ruutiainen (vocals) and Samuli Paasineva (guitar). A few lineup changes and a name change led to Lassi Peltonen (bass) joining in 2017 and Luna Kills was formed.

And on the sound they’ve developed since, Lassi tells us: “Luna Kills is mixed with lot of different sounds. We double somewhere between heavier and rock/pop music. But what comes to us as individual players, a lot of our influences come from blues rock and jazz. Although we don’t play blues or jazz music, it still affects the sound of the band and can be heard especially in the guitars and vocals.”

Our latest taste of this is catchy new single liar, liar, which is the second single from their upcoming second album not to be bitter, but it helps. The new track opens up with a cool heavy bassline that continued under Lotta’s engaging vocals, which intensify alongside a darting guitar line. That builds up to a powerful blast of guitars before dropping back into another laid-back verse.

The cool darting guitar lick returns under vocals “All the things that you make me do, The stories you told so I would please you, You’re such a liar baby,” which flow into heavier vocals. That gives way to a laid-back guitar lick, which develops into a ripping solo. That drops into a powerful chorus that brings the track to a heavy ending.

On the track, Lassi told us: “The single has been well received, we’ve had a lot of radio airtime and the listener feedback has been only positive! From this song, you should expect bass driven bop with catchy riffs and topped with fierce vocals.” Check it out in the video below which, according to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, includes “disturbing sexual content.” It really doesn’t, unless you’ve just stepped out of the 1920s, and you’d think these social sites would have bigger issues to deal with (like idiots racially abusing footballers maybe?).

That follows bITTER sONGS COME EASY, which is the first track released from the new album. It opens up with heavy guitars under synths then a darting guitar riff under Lotta’s engaging vocals. The pace drops before exploding into a lively chorus. Second time around the chorus features a prominent plodding synth sound that adds to the atmosphere, alongside stabbing guitars and lively drums. It gives way to a cool guitar solo, which drops into light vocals and instrumentals before building up to a final blast of the chorus. Check it out in the video below:

These two tracks give us plenty of reason to be excited about the new album, on which Lassi said: “You can expect the whole album to be quite versatile. It’s all in all, a pretty heavy album with one or two surprises. It’s filled with heavy riffs, melodies that won’t leave your head for days and some bittersweet lyrics to go along with it.”

And for more insight into what to expect from the Luna Kills sound, we firmly recommend giving debut album Before The Satellites a listen. In particular, bangers like Aftermath and Violent Waters as well as personal favourite track, the awesome Shake It:

Luna Kills’ biggest musical influence is British band Muse, as Lassi tells us: “Especially their ability to reinvent themselves album over album and their experimental way to make music has influenced our way of viewing and writing music for sure.

“Making the second album, a lot of influence came from Mick Gordon and producer Max Martin. We are all gamers, last year we played a lot of Wolfenstein and Doom where Mick Gordon has composed the soundtracks, so they were big influence on the sound of the album. Max Martin, on the other hand, is just killing with his ability to make hits song after song, one latest example being The Weeknd – Blinding Lights, so his workflow is just generally very inspiring.”

And on what inspires them to write music, Lassi adds: “Usually we write about our feelings. All the music and lyrics are something we are feeling at the moment. A lot of it is related to our personal life. Obviously sometimes you are inspired by other music, film or art in general, so that kind of thing influences us as well. “

We also asked Lassi for his thoughts on the Finnish music scene, on which he said: “Finland has the most bands per capital, so I would say the scene is quite big. And most of the bands are metal. It’s just quite a shame that there aren’t so many venues to perform, especially in the rock genre. With rock you’re too soft to blend in with metal festivals etc… and they’re harder to book, but you are still too heavy to blend in with the pop festivals. So the scene is thriving as much as it can though opportunities are quite low. Obviously covid has made things harder.”

Luna Kills’ second album not to be bitter, but it helps is released on 11 June, ahead of which they’ll be releasing third single honey trap on Friday (28 May). The band are currently focused on writing and recording even more music and, when things allow, looking to book in all the gigs they can.

You can follow Luna Kills on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and YouTube.

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