Introducing: All Nine Yards

German rockers All Nine Yards have honed a diverse and engaging sound that’s built on hard rock but introduces elements of metal, pop and electro.

The Bielefeld band started out in 2017 when guitarist Marc heard vocalist E.D. performing at the show of a mutual friend, then contacted him on Facebook the next day. They met up the following day and wrote their first song immediately. Band members have come and gone before completing the lineup with Thomas (guitars), Kris (bass and vocals) and Marc (drums).

As Marc (the guitarist) tells us: “The line up as it is now really reflects where we are and want to go. We are all open to diverse influences, we will see where they take us. Obviously at the heart of it all we are a Rock band, but we just like to branch out. If you go through our previous releases you will find bits of Metal, Rock, Pop… even a full blown electro song. Live, we then have a habit of putting a bit more edge on everything, go a bit more over the top basically.”

Our latest taste of the All Nine Yards sound is new single Don’t Wake Me Yet, which starts out with light drums and a stabbing synth that build up to support big guitar chords and a darting riff. That drops into light vocals that increase in pace and intensity as stabbing guitars and lively drums join in and build up to a big catchy chorus.

Edgy vocals take over in the second verse, then a brief moment of ambience bursts into another engaging chorus. That feeds into a mini-guitar solo that’s intersected with little guitar noodlings, then echoey vocals and a twisting guitar lick drops into a heavier final blast of the chorus.

On the track, E.D. told us: “The reception has been extremely positive, which is cool given that we really took our time starting to take on new music. More experiments, more slight exaggeration, more electro, more pop, more metal – and that pretty much all at once. We’ve been making the best out of the situation we’re all in, so you’re gonna get the whole nine yards after all, be sure to be prepared!”

And Marc added: “If you like riffy, uptempo rock grooves with nice layered soundscapes and a catchy hook… check it out!” Check it out in the video below:

That single follows on from last year’s album Blue, which is packed with high-energy rock meets metal tracks like closing track Room 101, Monsters Dancing and Leave My Scars Alone, and the more experimental Out Of The Light.

But a personal favourite is penultimate track, which opens up with a funky heavy riff that feeds into E.D.’s engaging vocals. More laid-back vocals burst into a catchy chorus that ends on the line “I’m not the jester.” Faster vocals begin the second verse, then a second chorus gives way to spoken vocals followed by light instrumentals. Stabbing guitars kick in and feed into a darting guitar lick, which sets up a heavy outro. Check it out here:

E.D.’s biggest influences have been bands like 30 Seconds to Mars, Nickelback and Bullet for my Valentine, while Marc names the likes of Queen, Guns n Roses and Slipknot or Stone Sour. But the band takes inspiration from a wide range of bands, from brutal metal to pop, electro and hip-hop.

And on what inspires them to write music, E.D. tells us: “Inspiration has many faces and comes in an unpredictable variety of ways. Sometimes, you really do have something to say; sometimes, it’s more about conveying a vibe or an energy rather than an actual meaning. Sometimes you have just a riff, just a groove, sometimes you don’t know what to play over your melody. Sometimes you have an idea laying around for months until you’re getting it finalized at last and sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and the whole song is just right there straight away. You never know, really.

“Everyone is making their experiences and is going through their phases, no matter whether positive or negative, you channel it through the music you write. Bottom line is that all of it eventually finds its way into it, and I can tell you that pretty much every single song of ours is taken straight from reality; some songs are a direct and immediate responses to life, some are more of a channel really. However, we never focus on one thing only. When there’s space for melancholy, there must also be some for positive and vital energy, too. That’s what makes being a songwriter so interesting; knowing what you’re doing not knowing what you’re doing until you do or don’t.”

While Marc adds: “The way new music is introduced into the band is rather varied. It can be just recorded rough ideas, a simple riff, just a sample, fully written out songs, or just lyrics. We all bring stuff to the table, although E.D. and I normally finalise everything, especially the vocals. I think we quite like big, well rounded hooks and lines. If it creates an image or a feeling in your mind, it works.”

All Nine Yards will have more new music coming our way soon, so stay tuned for more from this diverse band soon.

You can follow All Nine Yards on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and Deezer.

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