Introducing: Finding Aurora

South Wales band Finding Aurora offer up a grungy, engaging garage rock sound that began as a bedroom project and has retained its raw but powerful edge by keeping things simple.

The band, from Newport and Cardiff, began as a trio of Sam, Luc and Nick, who played some school concerts around 2015 then became a bedroom project after school and work. A couple of years later, that evolved into a studio / pizza house in Nick’s bedroom before completing the lineup with guitarist Lloyd, who Sam met at a gig in Cardiff.

On the sound they’ve honed since, Sam tells us: “Our sound is very organic, raw and rocking live and on record. We don’t use a bunch of effects, its really simple but effective. Something which I’ve always been a fan of, we’re a raw sounding band and we like the garage rock band title which we just kinda decided to put on us, we feel that we fit into that category well.”

The band’s older music has an unmistakable garage rock feel to it, with grungy sounding guitars and pure raw energy. But their latest single The Last Call ups the ante with stronger production values.

It opens up with darting guitars over lively chords and drums, which continue into a verse of engaging vocals. That flows into a big catchy chorus of “This is my last call, To all the ones that make me feel like this, You make me feel like this.” Heavy chords kick in and feed into another engaging verse and chorus.

The second chorus ends on stabbing chords, then a high guitar noise gives way a big rock out of a cool riff over chords and driving drums. And that feeds into a big final blast of the chorus. It’s raw, it’s fast, it’s edgy and gives us plenty to get excited about with their new music.

On the track, Sam says: “Its been truly overwhelming and really touching to us all, the amount of people who have really rated the song and loved it have praised it so much – it’s definitely our best song to date. I knew it when we got the master back for it last year, so it’s really rewarding and makes us all feel proud when you get a reception like we did for a song like this. We’re all so proud of it. For anyone who hasn’t listened to it, it’s raw, sharp and has some serious riff action going on and our best production yet with the helping hand of Tom Auton.” Check it out here:

That’s the band’s first release since 2019, when they released a couple of singles Blood On You and the excellent Overdrive. The latter starts with screeching guitars that drop into an edgy opening verse, which feed into a raw chorus of raspy, catchy vocals “On and on for one last time, One last time for the very last time.” The pace drops halfway through with more laid-back repeats of the chorus vocals, which build in intensity and drop into a section of guitars over heavy drums, which fly into a final chorus. Give it a listen here:

And speaking of raw and edgy brings us to their 2018 single Nick’s Gone Fishing, which opens up with a noodling bassline then a deliciously chunky riff and crashing cymbals. An edgy verse takes over and feeds into drawn-out vocals over heavy guitars and drums. Second time around that drops into heavy smashes of drum and a lingering guitar, which launch into a fast-paced guitar and drum rock out, then delicious riffing. Give it a listen below:

Finding Aurora take influence from the likes of Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Soundgard and fellow Welsh band Stereophonics. But wider influences include the likes of Judas Priest and AC/DC through to old hip-hop like Public Enemy.

And on what inspires them to write music, Sam tells us: “I try to find inspiration in anything, which is something that has kind of come over the years of playing music. I find inspiration in a lot of aspects of life, but a lot of the best songs come from moments, people, times and those kind of things which have an emotional attachment to your heart. They can be good or bad things, that’s the beauty of writing music.”

The band has been busy writing new material, which Sam says “is our best yet.” So expect more of the same in terms of good production, mixing and writing. As Sam explains: “We’re all so proud of it all and cannot wait to get it into peoples ears. It’s an exciting time for us, we’re entering a new era of the band and its so much fun.” You can also expect new shows as and when the time is right and the world is safe.

You can follow Finding Aurora on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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