Introducing: Beleth

Australian duo Beleth have crafted a concoction of absolutely filthy riffs, guttural vocals and powerful rythyms in an intense death meets groove metal sound they describe as “dark, catchy and brutal.”

The duo of Chris Long and Sebasthian Bentos-Pereira met through a Facebook group. As Chris explains: “I had some songs I’d written and recorded, so I was looking for someone to record vocal tracks for them. Seb was one out of the few who were interested and sent me a demo, and I loved it! His vocals are killer, and were exactly what I was looking for. From there we recorded a few demos early on, and started working on the album not long after.”

Our first taste of the Beleth sound was their brutal debut single 13th Spirit / Silent Genesis, which was released last year. It starts out with eerie background noise that’s smashed open by an ascending fast-paced guitar and crushing drums, that end on a huge scream and a cool chugging riff. Guttural vocals come in over the top of the riff, alongside unrelentingly heavy drums, then cool spinning guitars drop into a dark chorus of drawn-out guitars and big doomy cymbals.

The chugging riff returns for another intense verse, which flows into another huge chorus. That ends on spinning riffs and a big section of chugging guitars and wild drums, which feed into a solo that intersects with heavy guitar stabs and drops into a final chorus.

On the track, Chris told us: “The reception to that pre-release song has been awesome. A shit ton better than we’d expected! It’s kinda hard for me to explain our songs. Noise and screaming, haha! I guess for that song you can expect an intense blastbeat build-up at the start that drops to a dark, groove driven verse. Vocals are guttural throughout. The chorus has a bit of melody and an atmospheric kinda feel you could say. Then eventually a heavy interlude you can bang your head to, with a bit of a solo in there as well.” Check it out in the lyric video here:

That was followed by excellent second single First Born, which dives straight into stabbing guitars and high-pitched guitar retorts and rolling drums. That gives way to a stabbing riff that supports intense screamed vocals, before the piercing high-pitched guitars and intense drums support heavier guttural screams.

The intoxicating heavy low-tuned guitars return, drop into big stabs of guitar then proceed into a delicious head-banging section of heavy chords under a laid-back solo. Then in comes a chugging, absolutely filthy riff that sets up an intense ending. Check it out in the lyric video:

These two tracks offer plenty of anticipation for Beleth’s debut album Silent Genesis, which is available digitally two weeks tomorrow and in physical format on 16 July. On the album, Chris told us: “We’re really excited to get it out! We’ve been sitting on it for a while now and have had to push back the release date a couple of times already. Hopefully people aren’t getting the shits with that too much. But at the same time I’m also shitting my pants, hoping people will enjoy it. I guess from the album people can expect a similar vibe to Thirteenth Spirit / Silent Genesis. The songs are dark, heavy, groovy, brutal, catchy and melodic in parts.”

We’ve had a pre-listen to the album and, trust us, it’s huge! For example, third track Cries of the Fatherless opens up with a delicious riff that continues under huge vocals and savagely heavy drums. While an intense section of even heavier drums and guitars explodes into a more melodic conclusion. Heretic and self-titled track Beleth are unsurprisingly brutal and Black Speech features a disgustingly heavy riff and savage vocals.

The Beleth sound has been heavily influenced by Metallica, which first influenced Chris’ early bass and guitar learning, and Pantera. And on what inspires them to write music, Chris adds: “Just the joy of the entire process and hearing the end result influences me to keep writing. As much of a pain in the arse it can be staying up all night working on the songs and mixing and everything else, it’s worth it for me.

“I just write the style of songs that I enjoy listening to. I’ve always loved the heavy death metal type style that has an element of groove to it, something you can bang your head to. As for the topics of themes of the lyrics, Seb says it’s a mixture of biblical lore or mythology. A few themes come from Lovecraftian horror, and how these stories or beliefs juxtapose raw human emotion and the deep psyche of human imagination.”

We’ve heard from several Aussie bands lately but it’s been a while since we featured any Australian metal bands, so we asked Chris for his thoughts on the local scene. He told us: “I think at the moment the Aussie heavy scene seems to be thriving. I’m hearing a lot of different bands lately that keep popping their head up. And I’m seeing some shows and tours starting to happen pretty frequently as well.

“My favourite Aussie metal band at the moment would have to be Werewolves. Their latest album is savage. But there’s a buttload more great ones. A few I can think of off the top of my head are Abramelin, Maniacal, Dead Sun, Descend To Acheron, Hatescape, Aeons Abyss and The Bones Of God.”

Beleth’s debut album Silent Genesis will be released later this month and will be distributed distributed via CD and digital downloads across Australia, USA, Europe and Japan through Wormholedeath Records. Limited presses will also be available through Scorched Earth Records and Narcoleptica Productions. Beleth are also planning to get some shows booked towards the end of the year, with a full band lineup now available to play live. They’re also planning to re-record some of their early demos and are already started on writing new music for their second album.

You can follow Beleth on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and YouTube.

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