Introducing: Ink Bomb and No Breakfast Goodbye

Tuck into a feast of Dutch punk rock as we introduce you to not one but two new bands. That’s because Nijmegen punk bands Ink Bomb and No Breakfast Goodbye are taking the unusual step of releasing a split EP, so we thought we’d write a split article.

Ink Bomb was formed when Joost (vocals) created an ad on a Dutch punk Facebook group and found Arina (bass) and Quirijn (guitar) before adding Paul (drums) via Arina’s friend. They’ve honed a 90s skate punk-esque sound that mixes things up with more grunge-influenced soft/loud and slow/fast dynamics, while refraining from standard song structures where possible. As they tell us: “It turned out to be a good match on both musical and personal level. Key words are: bad jokes, books, do it yourself, fun, fashion (look at our style icon and drummer Paul!) and friendship.”

No Breakfast Goodbye is formed of Freek (bass) Joep (guitar and vocals) Daan (drums) and Simon (lead vocals and guitar). They offer up a fast and frenetic punk sounds that fuses driving drums and catchy singalong choruses in a sound they describe as “loud, melodic and energetic.”

As mentioned, the two bands have put together a six-track split EP Ink Bomb / No Breakfast Goodbye, which reminds us of the Switcheroo album from Alexisonfire and Moneen.

On the EP, Ink Bomb told us: “After covid hit, we realized the only thing we could do as a band was focusing on writing and recording. Since we already released two EPs and a album, we wanted to do something we haven’t done before and a split was was one of those things. Doing this with No Breakfast Goodbye was a no-brainer: we saw them live a few times and they have a lot of energy.

“We did a festival together and it turned out they were friendly and funny guys as well. So we asked them if they would be interested in doing a split with us. Both bands are influenced by ’90s skatepunk but do have a different sound. Ink Bomb is a bit darker with some melancholy and No Breakfast Goodbye is more of the catchy high energy variety.”

While No Breakfast Goodbye added: “The split idea actually came about during a show we played together. We were backstage drinking as much beer as possible. Whether you like it or not, that always creates a bond. After the hangover we started making plans about recordings etc. Ink Bomb and NGB both come from Nijmegen, so that’s a bonus.

“The split consists of 6 songs, all recorded at Fiction Studios. I think it has become a record that
offers enough variety in terms of sound. Ink Bomb has its own song structure and sound and the
same goes for us. I think we sound a bit more pop punk on this record and Ink Bomb a bit more
skate punk.”

The first tracks we’ve heard from the split EP are Ink Bomb’s Dorothy Enters Technicolor and No Breakfast Goodbye’s No Dice.

Dorothy Enters Technicolor is the second track on the EP and opens up with a naughty little bassline, with drums and drawn-out guitars creeping in alongside vocals in a laid-back verse. The pace picks up as it bursts into a singalong chorus and drops into a verse, which ends on heavier guitars that feed into a second chorus. Guest vocals from Roos Centimane feed into an energetic final blast of the chorus. Check it out in the video here:

While No Dice starts out with drawn-out guitars that drop into lively fast-paced guitars and heavy driving drums in a big energetic intro. Engaging vocals take over and feeds into a fun catchy chorus “Give me dirty hands, Give me dirty fingers, Give me everything you have., Give me something real, Give me time to heal, Give me everything you have.”

It continues into a second verse and chorus at unrelenting pace. Then a repeating little riff over heavy guitar chords drop into a key change and a lively smash of heavy vocals and driving guitars bring the track to a close.

On the track, the band told us: “Until now, we have only received great responses. It’s one of the first songs we played with NBG, and we usually open our shows with No dice. It’s a fast skate punk song with shouty lyrics about a girl. If you haven’t listened to it yet, stop what you’re doing and go check it out!” You can do just that here:

Ink Bomb tell us they come from a wide range of musical backgrounds but share a common love of punk rock and the 90s skate punk era. They were raised on bands like NoFC and Bad Religion, while Quirijn bounces back and forth between punk rock and hip hop and Paul is more into grunge and electronic music.

No Breakfast Goodbye’s biggest influences include the likes of NOFX, Blink 182, No Use For a Name, The Flatliners, and even thrash metal bands like Megadeth, as well as newer bands like Dogleg and Origami Angel, which inspire Joep’s latest riffs. But a special mention to Freek for his mention of A Wilhelm Scream, which is my favourite band ever!

When it comes to being inspired to write music, Ink Bomb tell us: “Injustice and emotions. The proverbial missteps of mankind. So world events influence our singer Joost who writes the lyrics, heavily in his lyricism. Sometimes lyrics also function as catharsis for his personal demons as well.

While Simon from No Breakfast Goodbye tells us: “My best songs always arise during highs and lows. I always try to write about stuff that’s going in my life, I guess. It also happens that I write some lyrics with Joep. He is a smart guy, so sometimes he makes me think different about some things. Don’t tell him I said that, though.”

Both of these bands are a great advert for the Dutch punk rock scene and, shamefully, they’re the first two Dutch punk bands we’ve ever written about. So we asked both for their thoughts on their local scene.

And No Breakfast Goodbye told us: “The punk scene in the Netherlands is quite small, but certainly present. A lot of bands try to put on shows together and just have a good time. This is also a good opportunity to discover new bands. The punk rock mentality is mostly DIY and that suits us well.”

And Ink Bomb added: “We’d suggest you meet more bands from our scene! Right now the Dutch punk scene is kinda dead for obvious reasons. But punk’s not dead yet. We have a small but tight knit community with bands that are helping each other out all the time.”

The Ink Bomb and No Breakfast Goodbye split EP is released on Friday (18 June) and is available to purchase through Horn & Hoof Records, as well as through Dental Records (in Canada) and Concrete Head Entertainment (in the US). The two bands also hope to have a release party for the split EP.

Additionally, Ink Bomb are in the process of recording a song that should be released in the summer and are playing the Booze Cruise Festival in Hamburg in December. And, as they tell us “We have a thing for Hamburg and played there twice before. We even have a song about Hamburg called Sternschanze. It’s on our album Fiction.” No Breakfast Goodbye aim to record their first album this year in addition to doing as many shows as possible.

You can follow Ink Bomb on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and YouTube.

You can follow No Breakfast Goodbye on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and YouTube.

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