Introducing: Heroes Don’t Ask Why

Finnish band Heroes Don’t Ask Why have honed an engaging rock meets metal sound that merges various influences into a self-created genre of Divorce Rock, which they describe as “original, emotional and melodic.”

The Kokkola quartet of Jussi Pajunpää (gtr, vocals), Matias Kaunisvesi (guitar), Johnny Kivioja (bass), Eero Mäkitalo (drums) first formed in 2015, released a debut album three years later, before a series of singles led to second album All These Days, which was released today!

As Eero tells us: “Well the first two EPs set the tone of the band, something between power metal and hard rock. But the new album sounds more like a mix of everything we would enjoy listening ourselves. We call our music Divorce Rock.”

Our first taste of the band’s music was recent single and opening track from the new album Rocking Chair, which opens up with distorted guitars then a drum roll kicks into a funky, catchy darting riff. Heavy drums and stabbing guitars support the opening vocals “We chose to live, Not just survive, By the powers of green fairy, You were so kind, We were so blind, Oh, mighty Rooster, Lead us the way.” More dramatic vocals “Mark my words: We shall rise, Mark my words: This is our time!” lead into a drawn-out chorus of “All these days, These are the days we’ll remember when we’re rocking in the chair” over the fun riff and driving drums.

A second chorus ends on heavy guitars under a cool solo, which drops into a section of melodic guitars and a twinkling lick that continue under light vocals. That comes to a stop then an echoey version of the riff comes in and a key change sets up a dramatic ending.

On the track, Eero says: “Rocking Chair represents the new sound the band has been driving for. The reception has been very good. We have heard that the song is catchy and somehow people can easily get into it. From Rocking Chair, you can expect catchy melodies, and overall the song has quite a positive feel to it (and an awesome guitar solo).” Check it out in the video here:

The album is packed with more catchy rocky goodness, including the lively One Last Dance and previous single releases Wounded Angel and Collateral Damage. It also comes to an intriguing conclusion with a trilogy of seemingly death-related tracks that begin with the relatively laid-back Pt. 1: Last Lullaby, intensify with the awesome Pt. 2: Death Marches In Moonlight and end in the dramatic Pt. 3: Rest In Peace.

But a personal favourite track is Save Your Speeches, which opens with a really cool twisting riff, then lively drums and stabbing guitars support edgy vocals. That builds up to a lively chorus, which drops into a light section of almost spoken vocals that are joined by stabs of drum and guitar before a ripping guitar solo kicks in. Give it a listen here:

Heroes Don’t Ask Why’s members bring a diverse mix of influences to the table, from the shared love of Metallica, Iron Maiden and Dream Theater to the likes of Opeth, Sentenced, Linkin Park, System of a Down and many more.

And on what inspires their music, Eero tells us: “Our singer/songwriter Jussi writes lyrics which are based on real life. And we really want to tell stories and have something to say in our music, something that everyone can relate to in some way.”

In addition to releasing a brand new album, Heroes Don’t Ask Why have also been busy creating a chanting song alongside a couple of local rappers for their local football team Kokkolan Palloveikot (KPV), which then published it as a lyric video on its YouTube channel. Check it out here:

Not content with that, they’re also releasing their own beer with local brewery Kahakka Brewery. And they have a couple of gigs booked that they hope will go ahead as planned. They create great music, they love football and they love beer – what’s not to like about Heroes Don’t Ask Why?

As Eero tells us: “I guess just listen to our music, watch our YouTube channel and follow us on social media if you enjoy our content. We try to evolve as a band, so next album could sound totally different than previous releases, or not, we’ll see what happens! Stay safe and lets hope we all can go back to normal soon!”

You can follow Heroes Don’t Ask Why on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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