Introducing: Taking Flight

Danish band Taking Flight offer up a heavy riff-driven sound that fuses classic rock and high-paced punk influences. They’ve honed a catchy yet hard-hitting approach led by feisty vocals in a sound they describe as “powerful, energetic and overwhelming” and “hard rock with balls of steel, female-fronted rock’n’roll at its finest.”

The Hillerød collective rose from the ashes of an old band of Anders (drums), Marcel (guitar) and Lukas (bass), who decided to go down a more hard rock route. They went in search of a lead singer and contacted Charlotte, who Lukas had met at a party the previous year. The new group played several gigs, reached two Emergenza Festival finals and released debut EP Light It Up before Marco as an extra guitarist.

With the lineup complete, the band has just released latest single We Are. It opens up with a cool riff and stabbing bass that develops into a funky little instrumental section. Charlotte’s engaging vocals take over alongside a twisting guitar lick and build towards a catchy chorus of “We are dressed in all the wrong ways, We are, Always staying out late, We are, Never fitting in ’cause, We are, Perfectly imperfect.”

A second verse begins with the lines “Fuck this, I ain’t your property, I don’t believe in monogamy,” which flows into a second chorus. That gives way to an awesome dual screeching guitar solo and another solo kicks in under a final blast of the chorus.

On the track, the band told us: “The reception has been great so far. People like the track and the solo has especially been the main attraction on this track. So if you haven’t listened, go to your favourite streaming channels and get ready for some old school vibes mixed with an energetic solo, and a soulful and powerful vocal.” Check it out in the video here:

That follows last year’s debut EP Light It Up, from which we particularly love the sound of the lead track. It opens up with a big chunky guitar riff that continues under Charlotte’s powerful vocals, which feed into a big catchy chorus.

The second chorus drops into light vocals that build in intensity alongside stabbing guitars and develops into another heavy blast of the chorus. Cool driving guitar riffs kick in as the track comes to a huge conclusion. Check it out below:

The Taking Flight sound has been honed on the band’s shared love for hard rock, alongside everything from metal and punk to pop and rap.

And on what inspires them to write music, they tell us: We usually start out with a riff on either guitar, bass or vocal. Then we start jamming until we have a song. It has always been important to us that everyone in the band has a voice in the creative process. We feel like the music is more honest that way and that we all are a part of it. 

“Charlotte has written almost all the lyrics to our songs. She takes a lot of inspiration from the mood of the song and incorporates different emotions and experiences into the lyrics.”

Takin Flight are also the first Danish band we’ve featured in a while, so we asked them for their thoughts on their local scene. They told us: “The Danish rock scene is definitely underrated. There is a lot of talent out there and hopefully we can get more attention to the underground scene. The community between bands is, on the other hand, super supportive and we have made great friends along our journey. 

“If you want to be noticed you really have to keep grinding because it’s not easy to get a foot in. Connections really are everything when it comes to booking gigs and get opportunities for your band.”

The band are intent on getting gigs booked in as restrictions are lifted and they advise us to stay tuned for new music soon! And they add: “Taking Flight is all about energy, hard-hitting drums, catchy riffs and a good dose of powerful vocals. So grab a beer and get ready to rock out with us. Our music is streaming on all platforms!”

You can follow Taking Flight on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

Listen to Taking Flight on GigRadar Rock and GigRadar Scandinavia Spotify playlists!

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