Introducing: Final Boss

San Francisco band Final Boss offer up a feisty and infectious fusion of metal genres with a heavy leaning on post-hardcore, which they describe as being “Post-Hardcore fun riffage.”

The quartet of Tony Gomez (Vocals), Gabe Ausiello (guitar), Forrest Lawrence (bass) and Maxwell Adams (drums) have been part of the San Francisco Bay Area music scene since their angry teenage years. Indeed, guitarist Gabe is also in another Bay area band Dig The Grave, which we featured in May! But they formed Final Boss during the pandemic having previously played in other bands, such as Karate High School and All Bets Off.

Our first taste of what the band has to offer was their third single Voices. It opens up with a cool little riff answered by heavy drums and guitars before dropping into an engaging shouty opening verse supported by lively guitars. That feeds into big cries of “You’re saying nothing, You’re saying nothing, Your words mean nothing, Your voice means nothing at all” drop into another lively verse.

Second time around, that gives way to big shouted vocals that begin “I refuse to be silent, Hold me down” then a cool looping guitar line. It suddenly drops into chugging guitars that drop into a really cool heavy guitar riff under cries of “You can’t hold me down” to bring the track to a close.

On the track, the band told us: “Reception grows with each new track we release, which has been great. So far, Voices is several fans’ favorite song! If you have not listened yet, I’d expect some old school aspects, mixed with some new school flavor. The song is meant to empower!” Check it out in the lyric video below:

That’s just been followed by new single Simply Dred, which opens up with a funky riff and driving drums that feed into a lively opening verse. Chugging guitars and crashing cymbals feed into a deliciously heavy, shouty section.

Both those tracks followed debut single Eye 2 Eye, which begins with a funky little bassline that continues as a stabbing guitar riff takes over. It develops into a powerful chorus then the fun riff returns for another lively verse. A noodling little guitar riff jumps in and intensifies under big screamed vocals before dropping into a final chorus.

And that was followed up with Suffer in Silence, which opens up with drawn-out guitars that drop into a stabbing riff then a fast-paced shouty verse. It’s almost impossible to listen to without bouncing your head along in appreciation. Check it out for yourself in the band’s first video here:

As you may be able to tell from listening, Canadian band Comeback Kid was a major initial influence on Final Boss. As they tell us: “When we started the band, we were briefly discussing having a Comeback Kid type vibe to the music. That seems to have changed a bit along the way. We’re not quite the typical Hardcore, but we’re also not Metal. I’ve been told we have a bit of a Shadows Fall vibe to our style, and I’m definitely here for that! Also, our guitar player loves Celine Dion, but don’t tell anyone!”

And when it comes to writing music, the band explains: “As of now, our released songs have themes such as internal struggle, butting heads, and empowerment. No real constant theme. We get inspired by our experiences just like most, I think. As far as music writing, we all listen to so many different types of music and artists, and they somewhat all filter in at some point of the writing process.!

There’s plenty more to come from Final Boss, including their first in-person gig on 1 October. They expect more shows to be booked before then, pandemic dependent.

And the band concludes: “Give us a listen. Spread the word if you like us! If you don’t, please keep it to yourself… just kidding!”

You can follow Final Boss on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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