Introducing: Wars Apart

“Who the fuck wants to hear about me having a good day in the sun?” remarks Wars Apart drummer Mikkel. And there’s absolutely none of that from the exciting new Danish trio, who come at us spitting and screaming out of Copenhagen with a no-holds barred, no limits approach and seriously aggressive modern hardcore sound.

The band rose from the ashes of former band Sons of Death Valley, which was started by Dan (vocals) and Stefan (guitar) before Mikkel (drums) came in to replace a former drummer, who left a month before a tour. As the band explain: “Mikkel came to the rescue and pretty quickly became a permanent member. After the tour we started writing a new album, but the other guitarist left the band in the process, soon followed by the bass player. For some reason the three of us kept writing more and more angry music that just didn’t fit the Sons universe. One day we just said ‘FUCK IT!’ and started a new band instead of trying to keep the Sons thing alive. A band with no holds barred and where nothing is off topic, or too dark.”

Wars Apart made an immediate statement with their debut single Hate As An Anthem. It opens up with big rolling drums and wild guitar noises then a big cry of “Hate as an anthem” ushers in crushing guitars. Screamed vocals take over in the opening verse, which feeds into an intense chorus of “Hate! Hate! Hate as an anthem! Making policies targeted at them, Always us and them, ‘Cause you won’t condemn the guilty, So you blame the innocent.”

A second chorus drops into a fun riff and occasional drum hits under intense screams “They reap, They sow, You take, And nothing more, They reap, They sow, You fucking take, And nothing more.” Crashing cymbals and rolling drums support even more intense vocals, which tee up a seriously heavy outro. Check it out in the video below:

The band just followed that up second single Deadweight, which launches straight into savage screams of Deadweight, deadweight, deadweight, we’re fucking deadweight” over heavy drums and crashing cymbals. Stabbing guitars build up to an intense onslaught of heavy screamed vocals and a chorus of the huge opening vocals.

A huge cry of “Keep the system in place” drops into heavy guitars and another brutal chorus as the drums intensify under huge cries of “Forget your will and worth, Deadweight.” And it somehow gets even more aggressive as everything drops out then intense screams of “I’ll never walk with you” over stabbing guitars and drums. A darting riff and guitar noise come in before launching into a massive blast of a final chorus.

On the track, the band told us: “We are really FUCKING excited! It’s the first track we ever wrote, so it means a lot to us. And you can expect so much anger. It’s one of those songs that we just can’t wait to play live.”

“We shot the video for Deadweight as a one-take while filming the video for Hate as an Anthem. It was just one of those ‘hey we have some time left so let’s give it a try’ situations. And it just ended up looking so raw and gritty, which is perfect for us. Big shout out to our friend and photographer Sebastian Stigsby for doing two videos in one day.” Check out this powerful track in the video here:

The Wars Apart has been influenced by fellow hardcore bands like Knocked Loose, Stray From The Path, END, Every Time I Die and many more.

And on what inspires them to write music, Mikkel tells us: “Disaster, tragedies, or personal difficulties inspire me the most. Because it’s the most interesting, and I can’t write a happy song. And who the fuck wants to hear about me having a good day in the sun?”

While Dan adds: “Religion, wars and how fucked up people can be.”

We’re loving the brutality and intensity of the Wars Apart sound and can’t wait to hear from this exciting new band. They have one more track ready to abuse our eardrums with, which they tease us with by revealing it features a “very special guest vocalist.” They’re also working on getting gigs booked in, starting with the Support Our Scene Fest in Federicia on 6-7 August.

You can follow Wars Apart on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, Soundcloud. And check out more great new Danish bands through their label Prime Collective.

Listen to Wars Apart on GigRadar Metal and GigRadar Scandinavia Spotify playlists

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