Introducing: Falling Through April

Charlotte-based rockers Falling Through April are a band establishing a growing reputation for their engaging sound that they describe as “energetic, empowering and fun.” The band has gained international placements with the likes of DisneyWorld and Universal Studios, they’ve opened for bands like Theory of a Deadman, The Pretty Reckless and Breaking Benjamin, and recently caught the attention of rock legend Dee Snider on Twitter.

The quartet of Mikaela Salazar (vocals), Dan Candia (guitar, bass and vocals), Jim Siani (guitar and bass) and Jerome King (drums) come from across the U.S. but settled in Charlotte, North Carolina. The band originally formed through Craigslist and a shared rehearsal space way back in 2011 but have been through various lineup changes that have totally changed the makeup of the group. The current lineup was completed when they decided upon a change in direction and discovered Mikaela through their former producer, Jon King.

They’ve since set about honing a sound that is uniquely theirs. As they tell us: “We could be too heavy for someone and not heavy enough for someone else! At the end of the day, we are Falling Through April and we are proud to say we do not feel like we sound like anyone else. We don’t write songs to fit a formula. We just love to write music. Whatever mood one of us is in when we come up with an idea, structure, lyric, etc… it is all organic.

“We don’t say ‘hey we should write a sad song today.’ We just actively bounce ideas off of each other and when we all feel like ‘Yes! That’s the one!’ We know we made something special. Somebody once said to us ;you aren’t going to love every song you write and release’ – we disagree, we love them all or they won’t get released!”

Our latest taste of this is their new single Paralyzed, which opens up with light guitars that give way to a really cool stabbing riff. That drops into a light, atmospheric led by Mikaela’s engaging vocals that burst into a powerful singalong chorus of “I’m less than whole I’m out of control, I wish that you could see this through my eyes, You’ve got me paralyzed, I’m crashing down I’ve fallen now, I wish that you could see through your own lies, You’ve got me paralyzed.”

A second chorus gives way to another cool stabbing riff that continues under Mikaela’s heavier vocals, then a little darting lick creeps in under the riff. The pace suddenly drops under cries of “Paralyzed,” before feeding into a final chorus.

On the track, the band tell us: “Paralyzed is our heaviest track we’ve ever released. We are so excited to get back to our harder rock roots on this next album. This song is not only heavy it is also melodic and overall just an up and down of emotions and vibes. Did I mention how excited we are yet? Can’t. Wait.” Check it out in the video below:

The band may claim Paralyzed is their heaviest track, but we think last year’s release Over and Done probably runs it close. It opens up with a fun jumpy guitar riff then palm muted guitars support Mikaela’s vocals before a quieter section gives way to a big catchy chorus. The opening riff returns under repeats of “You’re not playing games with me” before another verse and singalong chorus. The pace drops again in a section of light vocals and rolling drums that build up to stabbing guitars and a final chorus. Check it out in the video below:

Earlier this year they also released Say It Again, which opens with engaging vocals and building instrumentals that feed into a heavy chorus. Another engaging verse kicks into more intense vocals that feed into a lively chorus that ends on repeats of “You won’t take it from me” over stabbing guitar chords. Check it out in the lyric video here:

These singles follow their 2018 album Zodiac, which offers more of the same engaging, high-octane rock with tracks like Desperate Measures, Better Off Alone and the excellent opener The Culprit. But the band are building up to a second album that’s nearly ready to go and encapsulates the new Falling Through April sound.

As they tell us: “The album is finished. Wrapped up and ready to go. We will release one more single before we ultimately release the full record but we’ve been working so hard behind the scenes to make this happen – even during a pandemic. Zodiac was our first album to introduce Mikaela as our vocalist. It was playful, it was a mix of styles, it was all about finding our ‘new’ sound. As we’ve evolved over the years with Mikaela we’ve found a very satisfying maturity in our writing style.

Zodiac was done with a producer that was more pop/punk oriented where this next record was done with a straight heavy/hard/rock producer. Our chemistry was immediately on point and we have a lot of cool things planned as we keep writing. We are already working on a follow up album before this one has even released. Expect this one to definitely be much more in your face than Zodiac and the next one to be even more in your face than this one!”

The Falling Through April sound has been heavily influenced by bands like Halestorm, No Doubt, In This Moment, Paramore, Aerosmith and Weezer. And the band point out: “Seeing very successful and strong women in rock music is incredibly inspiring. Legendary musicians with countless hit songs in a variety of genres that aren’t afraid to push boundaries is huge for us too.”

And on what inspires them to write music, they add: “Life. Experiences. The ups, downs, and everything in between. We all come from a very diverse background but we also share a lot of experiences so there is never a shortage of things to write about.

“When Mikaela first joined the band she used to ask us ‘what inspired you to write this and what emotion or thoughts did you have about potential lyrics?’ Then she would magically write incredibly fitting lyrics. Then as she became more comfortable writing about her own experiences things really took off. She has so many great ideas and we all give little bits of feedback when necessary.”

In addition to a brand new album coming our way soon, you can also see Falling Through April opening up for Butcher Babies in Charlotte on 31 August, then on tour through September and playing the main stages of major festivals like Rebel Rock. More info here. They’ll also be back in the studio to record even more new music.

And the band add: “We love to meet our fans and new people. Don’t be afraid to say hi. We hang at our merch table, we hang after shows, we will accept your beer pong challenge or whatever else you throw our way! We absolutely love what we get to do and soak up every moment possible.”

You can follow Falling Through April on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and YouTube.

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