Introducing: Up For Corruption

Texas quartet Up For Corruption offer up a fusion of old school metal instrumentals and ‘new school’ vocals in sound they describe as “heavy, enlightening and controversial.”

The Dallas band was first formed by guitarist Kyle Foster and bassist Cory Parker way back in 2009 but only lasted for a few months. However, they decided to reform in May 2021 and posted a few of their old recordings on Facebook groups to attract new members. And that worked, as new drummer Jory Nichols and vocalist and guitarist Ken Benjamin answered their call.

Intriguingly, the band aren’t afraid to shy away from ongoing social issues, especially, it seems, religious issues in the American south (which we freely admit to knowing absolutely nothing about!).

On the sound and approach the band has honed, Cory told us: “We’ve been told we don’t quite fit into a specific genre of metal yet. We like to think of ourselves as Texas metal like Pantera and Drowning Pool. Someone said that our sound is a mixture of old school metal riffs like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden but yet our vocal style is very much new school metal like Lamb of God. A very different mixture of old and new considering our singer is 28 years old and the rest of us are 48 years old.”

Our first taste of this is their debut single 7th Day Crook, which starts with a cool darting guitar lick that’s joined by a light bass. It stops and dives into a chugging riff that continues under Ken’s viciously growling opening vocals. That continues into a chorus of cleaner vocals “Seventh day crook, Take a good look, Tell me what you think you see,” over chugging guitars that intensify into screams.

A cool laid-back solo feeds into another intense verse before a second chorus gives way to a sweeping guitar solo, which are joined by gruff spoken vocals. Another verse of vicious vocals gives way to chugging guitars to bring the track to a close.

On the track, Cory told us: “For the most part, the reception to the song has been good. The lyrical content of this particular song has made people open up their eyes to certain things in the world. Especially things that happen with religion in the American south. Texas especially.”

The Up For Corruption sound has been influenced by a range of metal flavours. For example, Cory, who wrote most of the lyrics for their song so far, is heavily influenced by the 1980s hair and glam metal bands like Mötley Crüe. While Kyle and Jory are more into classic metal bands like Iron Maiden and Ken is more influenced by newer metal acts like Amon Amarth and Lamb of God.

And on what inspires their music, Cory says: “Our first single, 7th Day Crook, is very much written in protest of the American Southern Baptist televangelist and their need to feed their greed. We have other songs that deal with environmental issues and personal relationship issues.”

Up For Corruption are currently working on a first batch of nine songs that will form their debut album. And when that’s finished and released they’ll be looking to start playing live shows.

And as Kyle adds: “If you’re looking for something that may not necessarily fit into the normal genres, but you still want to bang your head, then we are the band for you.”

You can follow Up For Corruption on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

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