Introducing: Common Choir

Minnesota metalcore meets hardcore band Common Choir have honed an intense sound that offers something for all listeners to connect with and they describe as “honest, aggressive and energetic.”

The band started out in the Minneapolis underground metal scene in 2016 and quickly made a name for themselves across the Midwest with their explosive live performances.

As the band tell us: “The name Common Choir is derived from the phrase ‘preaching to the choir’ and speaks to the relatability of the messages and emotions poured into the band’s music and live performances.”

While they describe the Common Choir sound as: “An energetic and in your face blend of hardcore and melodic metal that keeps your blood pumping!”

Our first taste of this was their brand new single Deformed//Devoid, which opens up with stabbing synth sounds that blast into a savage wall of vicious vocals, wild guitars and pounding drums. The chaos continues as chugging guitars and pounding drums support intensely heavy screamed vocals.

That flows into a more melodic chorus, which begins with screamed vocals supported by slightly less brutal, more atmospheric instrumentals then clean vocals “I can’t bare the weight of forever, Just wanna my break longing for more, Don’t want to live forever” take over.

A cool chugging riff comes in and is joined by savagely heavy drums under more vicious vocals and a spinning synth sound. Intense vocals “Pull me to the surface, Wake me from this hypnosis, I keep searching for solace, But I never find it” feed into another big chorus before a heavy outro.

On the track, the band told us: “Expect a new dimension of Common Choir you’ve never heard before! We definitely think of this song in particular as a big leap forward for us and presents a heavier and more raw version of the band while still building on the foundations we’ve built over the years.” Check it out for yourself here:

That track follows equally huge previous single Idle Hands, which opens up with a cool stabbing lick and distant screams. Brutal vocals take over alongside crushing guitars, which gives way to a chorus of clean vocals answered by intense screamed retorts “By my own designs I am intertwined, Idle hands fan the flames, Waste my time, Every day build grand designs, Try to satisfy each need invented by my eyes.”

A cool spinning guitar riff takes over and drops into a heavy verse and another powerful chorus. Drawn-out instrumentals build up underneath brutal screams, then crushingly heavy low-tuned guitars and cymbals lead up to a cheeky guitar solo. That builds up to a heavier version of the chorus to bring the track to a strong conclusion. Check it out in the video here:

There’s much more where that came from, including last year’s debut album Gravemind. Personal favourites are the delicious Dive Bar Knight Life Pt. 2, which opens up with a fantastically good riff, and the intense Conjure and Phase Separation. So go give that a listen too.

The Common Choir sound has been influenced by a wide range of bands, including the likes of Counterparts, The Devil Wears Prada, Between the Buried and Me and Underoath… as well as Miley Cyrus for good measure (apparently).

And on what inspires their music, they tell us: “A big theme of Common Choir is not separating ourselves from the real everyday feelings and experiences that make us who we are. Oftentimes the most spiritual and moving concepts can be hidden in the mundane.”

Expect plenty more from Common Choir soon, including a couple of gigs next month in Minneapolis and Rock Island, IL – more info on their website – and the promise of a few more singles before the year is out.

And the band add: “The only thing we would like to add is a huge thank you to anyone who gives us a chance and has given us a chance up to this point! We’re extremely excited to keep sharing material with everyone and to keep the party rolling!”

You can follow Common Choir on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and YouTube.

Image credit: Austin Scherzberg

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