Introducing: getbent.

If you’re craving a little 2000s-esque intense emo nostalgia in your life, then Wyoming post-emo meets post-hardcore quintet getbent. may be just the band for you. They offer up an intoxicating fusion of engaging vocals, lively guitars and pure intensity that they describe as “emo, screamo, beemo.”

The Casper band first formed in 2018 as a heavy math rock influenced trio. The lineup has completely changed since then with the current lineup of Hav, Chris, B-Money, Kegan and Juicy. And, in turn, their music and sound have also completely changed into something, in their words, “heavier, tighter, and at its best yet.”

On the sound they’ve honed over the last few years, the band tell us: “We’d describe it as fast-paced, with heavy distortion on the guitars. The drums are very driving and the guitars carry with melodic leads. Vocally, it is an even 50/50 for screaming and clean singing. We always say it really gives a 2000-2010 screamo vibe.”

Our latest taste of this is new single S//R, which opens up with lively guitars then drums kick in as intense screamed vocals take over. Big catchy yet intense screams “Is this how I’m let down, let down, with no relief, I guess my feet are failing me, I can’t breathe, no I cant breach, The lights evading me,” are countered by clean vocals “I can’t wait, I can’t stay, But maybe some day, some way, Hopefully, you’ll step to see” then a big cry of “And I’ll learn to breathe.”

The pace continues as clean vocals are supported by screams through a lively verse. The pace finally drops a little with light guitars, then palm-muted guitars support building clean vocals “So maybe, it’s the same thing lately, I’ve been so stressed, Might as well just get this off my chest, So stay awake, tell me it’s ok that I’m to blame for these awful things, How you could be any other way, But I’m ok, I’m to blame.”

The vocals increase in intensity as they build towards a heavier repeat of those lyrics, ending on big screamed vocals bringing the track to a heavy ending.

On the track, the band told us: “The reception has been nothing less than amazing. The amount of love and support we’ve received from the online and local scene has been crazy. To anyone who hasn’t heard it yet, expect a lot of two-stepping grooves and sweet melodic leads. Also, not really much for your standard ‘breakdowns’ in there now that we actually think about it.” Check it out in the video here:

That track marked a two-year wait for new music since their three-track debut single Hang In There, Friend. The pick of those three tracks is probably the opener Forget The Well Lit Streets, I’m Getting Out Of Here! It dives straight into screamed vocals supported by driving drums and more atmospheric guitars.

More engaging, clean vocals come in then the pace finally drops as intense screamed vocals take over. Heavier guitars kick in then stabbing chords and rolling drums set up an energetic conclusion. Give it a listen in the stream here:

The getbent. sound has been inspired by bands like old school Asking Alexandria, Escape The Fate (Chris’s influence), Casey (Hav’s influence) and Paramore (Juicy’s influence). And the band add: “We’ve been compared to a lot of musicians/bands that we personally have a hard time correlating with. We all listen to such a broad spectrum of artists so when it gets mixed all together it’s this giant concoction of ‘what does this sound like?'”

And on what influences them to write music, they tell us: “We write music for two main reasons. Reason one, to help alleviate ourselves of the toxic and negative feelings/thoughts that weigh on our mind every single day. Reason two, we hope to reach out and relate to those that may feel the same. Knowing you are not alone in the battle of the mind and knowing that there are others out there fighting the same demons is the first step to healing. No one should feel alone in this world and we believe that it is easier to connect to music than it is to random strangers reaching out.”

There’s more new music to come from getbent. as they head into The Blasting Room Studios to start recording their debut album at the end of this year or early next year. They also have plans to tour the album as and when the world allows such things. Furthermore, they’ll have a self-produced acoustic version of S//R available before the end of the year, which Juicy is “working super hard on.”

And to help us get to know the band a little better, they tell us: “Hav has a World of Warcraft addiction. Chris has a giant Avenged Sevenfold deathbat on his arm. Nobody knows why B-Money is called B-Money. Kegan has a cool face tattoo. Juicy is barely legal.”

You can follow getbent. on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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