Introducing: Deltrem

Finnish newcomers Deltrem offer up an intriguing brand of groove metal that fuses intense vocals, pounding riffs and delicious guitar solos in a sound they describe as “groovy party metal.”

The quartet of Tommi Heikanaho (vocals), Lauri Halonen and Martti Lamberg (guitars) and Nico Lundqvist (bass) formed as a group of like-minded music lovers. Things first started when Lauri recorded some demos for fun in 2019, but soon realised he wanted to start a band of his own.

Lauri soon met Tommi at a drunken party, they hit it off – despite neither of them remembering said party – and soon recruited long-time friends and former band mates Martti and Nico.

The band have since honed a sound they describe as: “We make metal with our own recipe of elements from our personal tastes. Groovy riffs, both aggressive and clean vocals with a modern sound.”

Our first taste of this is their intriguingly entitled second single Carnal Delight, which starts out with laid-back guitars that feed into a light verse. The guest vocals of Nea Pitkänen jump in for a heavier chorus and return in a second verse, which ends on a piercing guitar lick that feeds into another chorus.

A second chorus ends with growled vocals that give way to a flying guitar solo. That drops into vicious growled vocals before a heavier blast of the chorus is followed by another guitar solo to bring the track to a close.

On the track, the band told us: “It’s a mid-tempo twisted ballad. At first glance, it could tell about quite a peculiar diet. The song does have deeper symbolic meanings but we will leave interpretation to the listener. The song features Nea Pitkänen on vocals and Mikko Salovaara (Kiuas, Leverage, Daimonic) on solo guitar. The reception has been really positive! We even got our first ‘what a load of crap’ comment so even feedback has been amazing! But jokes aside, I think the reception has been quite good and solid.” Check it out in the stream here:

That follows on from debut single Social Police, which call and response stabbing guitars that develop into a heavier riff. Crushing drums and guitars support intense vocals, which develop into a catchy chorus supported by delicious guitar licks.

The second chorus drops into stabbing guitars that support an awesome little guitar solo, which gives way to more intense vocals. Those feed into a final few blasts of the chorus to bring the track to a close. Check it out in the video here:

Deltrem’s members take influence from a wide range of bands and musical genres, with shared influences including Periphery, Korn, Pantera, Slipknot and Sentenced.

And on what influences their music, they explain: “We want to make music we would want to listen to ourselves. Lyrically most songs are somehow reflecting to our own life, but some are about deeper things approached with humour and sarcasm.”

There’s plenty more to come from the band, including two more singles being released before the end of this year and a full album coming out next year. They’re also on the hunt for a drummer to complete the lineup, which will enable them to get out there and start playing gigs.

You can follow Deltrem on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal. And check out more new bands from their label Inverse Records.

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