Introducing: Raven Tooth

We love a good one-man metal band and that’s exactly what we have from Florida newcomers Raven Tooth. The Orlando-based outfit offers us a no-nonsense, hard-hitting metal sound that also provides elements of hard rock, punk and hardcore.

Raven Tooth is the work of Zach Waite, who recorded the guitars, bass and vocals himself, along with programming some of the drums alongside assistance from guest drummers. Zach moved to Orlando 11 years ago and has been part of the music scene ever since, including currently playing in a hardcore band called Our Escape that regularly gigs around central Florida.

On creating Raven Tooth, Zach tells us: “The main reason for Raven Tooth was to have an outlet to express a style and approach of songwriting that differed from my current musical endeavors. I’m a show don’t tell type and thought the best way to get Raven Tooth off the ground was to just put out a recording.

“I also have a home studio that I’ve invested in for over 10 years and wanted to showcase the quality of recordings that can be produced.”

And on the Raven Tooth sound, Zach describes it as: “Stripped down, balls to the wall hard rock/metal band. No fluff, just straight to the point rock.”

Our first taste of this is the band’s debut single Curse of Safety, which opens up with a cool effects-ridden riff that drops into heavy vocals and heavier version of the opening riff answered by pounding guitars and drums. It soon drops into palm-muted guitars then a big scream of “It’s a curse” gives way to a twisting guitar solo.

A section of stabbing guitars give way for the solo to resume over driving guitars and drums, then more stabbing guitars. Fast-paced vocals and guitars come in to bring the track to a heavy conclusion. Check it out in the video here:

The Raven Tooth musical style has been heavily influenced by “good old fashioned rock and metal bands” like Motorhead, Black Sabbath, High on Fire, Red Fang and more.

As Zach explains: “I’ve always wanted to be in a million different types of bands and still do. It has been incredible releasing this to the world and the reception has been awesome. This is just the beginning of Raven Tooth and who knows, maybe there will be a live band if some musicians are interested.”

In addition to the possibility of live shows, expect new music from Raven Tooth as Zach’s already busy recording. That’ll begin with at least two more singles being released before the end of the year.

You can follow Raven Tooth on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify and YouTube.

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