Introducing: Voidfallen

Finnish melodic death metal band Voidfallen have honed an epic sound that will “slap your socks off” and is equally dark and crushing as it is engaging and melodic. They also look pretty menacing in those awesome masks!

The band hail from all across Finland and began with vocalist Tommi Kangaskortet and guitarist Henri Vuorenmaa sitting down to plan a new project together in 2017. Tommi tells us they started out with the motto to “learn from the past mistakes, make no compromises with the art” as they fine-tuned their sound and brought Aleksi Tossavainen (guitars), Lauri Myllylä (bass) and Mika Lumijärvi (drums) on board. 

The result is what Henri summarises as: “Our general style is pretty modern in my opinion but our goal hasn’t been to reinvent the wheel, just to make damn good music.” To which, Tommi adds: “Our style could also definitely be described as melodic death metal but on the heavier, more dark end of the spectrum. Someone might even say there are some black metal influences in it too.”

Our latest taste of this is the brilliantly titled new single The Slaves of the Echo Chambers, which doesn’t disappoint. A quick drum roll kicks into heavy drums supporting a cool darting guitar riff then a huge scream sees all manner of chaos unleashed in a vicious opening verse. Unexpectedly, it suddenly drops into a huge melodic chorus, which develops into another intense verse of screamed vocals and a cool high-pitched guitar lick.

Stabbing guitars take over, then a driving riff as the drums kick into overdrive and support more vicious vocals. The pace drops with light strings and other instrumentals, then a cool stabbing lick and powerful choral bursts build up to a laid-back guitar solo that gradually picks up pace. And that builds up to a dramatic conclusion with a big chorus giving way to ridiculously heavy drums then big instrumentals bring the track to a close.

On the track, Tommi told us: “Tommi: People have really been enthusiastic about it and it really feels great. It’s part of the reason why we do this in the first place: to give people the feels we’ve gotten from bands that we’ve listened to. If you haven’t listened to it yet, it slaps your socks off, has an amazing melody and is majestic as hell all at the same time.” Check it out in the video here:

That comes from the band’s upcoming debut album The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse, which is released on Friday (8 October). On the album, Tommi tells us they’re: “Really excited. We’ve built it actively for more than a year already so it’s great to have it out soon. You can expect the real, best Voidfallen sound this far.”

And Henri adds: “We’ve been sitting on the songs for too long, so naturally we are really excited to let everyone finally hear what we’ve been up to musically! The album consists of 9 songs, which are all unique in their own way, but all of them have been written to complement each other both lyrically and musically.”

To further whet your appetite for the epic Voidfallen sound, previous single Sui Generis opens up with a dramatic intro of keys and gothic choral vocals before unleashing a vicious flurry of vocals over heavy drums. Stabbing strings come in to support a powerful chorus of “Delusions of grandeur in us reside, Yet nothing is special in our kind, Like our pure existence was a sign, You think you’re glorious, you’re not, you’re not worthy.”

Another vicious verse follows, then the dramatic choral vocals and crushing drum rolls before launching into another chorus. Check it out in the video here:

We firmly recommend going through and having a listen to the Voidfallen back catalogue of singles, which includes an awesome self-titled track on their The Sinners, The Plague and The Voidfallen EP. But a personal favourite is the absolutely epic The Daughters, which starts out slowly but bursts into a really cool guitar lick and trademark pounding drums. A fun stabbing guitar lick continues as heavy vocals take over, which develop into a huge atmospheric chorus featuring flying guitars.

The unrelenting drums continue as another cool lick supports heavy vocals through the second verse. That flows into another massive chorus that ends on searing strings then a huge guitar solo. The pace finally drops with laid-back instrumentals that bring it to a mellow conclusion. It’s an absolutely huge track and you can check it out in the video here:

The Voidfallen sound has been inspired by all sorts of music, which largely includes metal and various movie and video game soundtracks. Henri tells us he’s mainly influenced by Mors Principium Est, Nightwish, Evergrey, Hans Zimmer and Mick Gordon, to which Tommi adds one of our previously featured bands Orbit Culture as well as Children of Bodom, Wintersun, Ensiferum, Kalmah, Lorna Shore, Fleshgod Apocalypse and various other nordic MDM bands.

And on what inspires them to write music, Henri says: “For me this was the first time that I actually got to write the music that I want to listen and play. It has been a really refreshing and liberating experience.”

And Tommi tells us: “As Henri writes most of our music and the riffs I’ve provided he has shaped to fit the Voidfallen formula, I can’t add much to that. But when it comes to the lyrics there isn’t a certain theme. Quite often the song gets its initial idea from something I’ve seen or heard and that gets built up to become a fictive storyline. One thing you shouldn’t expect is a happy ending to those stories.”

We absolutely love the vicious yet intoxicating sound of Voidfallen and we can’t wait to hear what their debut album The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse brings us on Friday (8 October). They’ve also rearranged a planned tour with Scar Symmetry to next year and they can’t wait to play the new album in front of their fans.

However, there’s more to Voidfallen than just the music. As Tommi explains: “One important part of this band is also the visual side. We think it’s a crucial part of our expression and someone who listens and follows our journey can, in addition to the music, expect good visual art, for example in the form of music videos.

`’As biased as I am with the subject, in my opinion The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse is a melodic death metal album of great quality. For me it misses nothing and also the control groups we’ve played it have generally agreed. It will be great and exciting to see how the larger audiences react to it.”

You can follow Voidfallen on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube. Their debut album is also available to pre-order on Bandcamp, RecordShop, PlasticHead (UK) and MetalMailOrder (Germany).

Listen to Voidfallen on our GigRadar Metal and (if we say so ourselves) epic GigRadar Nordic Spotify playlists!

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