Introducing: Half Dizzy

New York newcomers Half Dizzy offer up a fun and catchy punk sound that transports us back to the good old 90s skate punk with a fresh twist. Or, as bassist Ryan puts it: “If you’ve played any Tony Hawk video games, you’ll know what I mean!”

The Long Island quintet is formed of Dizzy Doll (vocals) and her husband Dan (guitar) alongside Mitchell (guitar), Ryan (bass) and Nick (drums). The band started out with Dizzy and Dan starting to write music during the quarantine, to start with just for fun. But they kept writing and asked Nick and Mitchell to help out before Ryan joined up to complete the lineup.

Our first taste of the result of this is Half Dizzy’s debut single Surrogate, which was released in May. It opens up with lively guitars and drums that drop into Dizzy’s engaging vocals supported by palm-muted guitars.

The intensity picks up with pre-chorus vocals “I turn the radio on, I watch the sky turn red, I been repeating all the things you never said,” which feeds into a big catchy chorus “Woah, you dug your own grave, With everything you’ve ever said, Hang it right over your head, I built up walls because of you, Everything I love to hate, Stems from what you put me through.”

Big chunky guitar chords take over and drop into a second verse, then drawn-out guitars build up to another chorus. Fun high-pitched guitars take over then engaging vocals take us through to an energetic conclusion.

On the track, Dizzy told us: “It felt like a dream to record and release music that I helped create. Everyone else in the band has done this before, but this is my first real band that’s written and recorded original music. So it’s like a dream come true. People really seem to like the single a lot too, so it’s really awesome to put something out that we’re all proud of.”

And Dan added: “Honestly, the reception has been awesome! People seem to really dig the song which is awesome! We tried to make a catchy and fun, but meaningful song. If you’ve never heard it, definitely expect to hear a fun energetic melodic punk song! Lots of woahs for all the sing-a-long opportunities.” Check it out in the video here:

The Half Dizzy sound has been heavily influenced by punk legends including the likes of NOFX, Rancid, The Menzingers and The Distillers.

And on what inspires them to write music, Dizzy tells us: “I sing about my life for the most part. About past experiences or what I see going on in the world. Sometimes Dan and I will sit and talk about either the past or what we’re going through at the time, and turn that into a chorus or a verse, and work around that to create the song.”

There’s plenty more to come from Half Dizzy as they plan to record their debut five-song EP sometime next year, for which they’ll also be recording music videos. They’re also trying to play live shows as much as possible for the rest of this year.

And Dizzy adds: “We just released our first shirt design, which is super cool. All the money we make off the shirts will help us toward our recording later this year, so pick up a shirt! We also have pins, stickers, and guitar picks, up for grabs as well! Anyone who supports us is really helping some of our dreams come true, which is incredible. So thank you to anyone who’s even shown interest. We truly appreciate you.”

You can follow Half Dizzy on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

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