New Band of the Week: Supera Morza

North-west newcomers Supera Morza throw up huge slabs of raucous distorted and fuzz-laden punk meets grunge meets noise rock that they describe as being “chaotic, expressive and ruthless.”

The band, who hail from Bolton and Manchester, started with Finn James Joseph and brothers Jack and Josh Barrett, who went to high school together and were big into 90s rock and punk like Green Day and Nirvana. They started a band under a different name and gigged around Manchester for several years, developing their sound and harnessing new influences then added Harry Ackerman as bassist in 2019. However, the pandemic then struck, which saw the guys decide to rebrand the band to a more fitting and current personality and inspired their debut single Scrubber.

And on the sound they’ve honed, Finn tells us: “An extremely energetic alternative punk/grunge using elements of fuzz, distortion, raging drums, catchy riffs, wall wobbling bass tone. Supera Morza sounds like a runaway train.”

We first discovered the quartet around the release of their most recent single Roadkill. A funny little noise drops into a thick bassline before lively guitar chords and a piercing guitar sound support engaging vocals. Big drawn-out vocals drop into cries of “Roadkill” before flying into another lively verse.

More repeats of “Roadkill” and lighter guitars gradually build in intensity with huge drums and a vicious scream. Wild guitars take over and drop into a raucous chorus that brings the track to a lively ending of piercing guitars and vicious vocals.

On the track, Finn told us: “The response has been greatly received, much better than we expected. People are really digging the new sound. Having plays from Gemma Bradley and Jack Saunders on Radio 1 and editorial playlists on Spotify brought in a new audience who could connect with our music. Support from fans has been overwhelming. For those who haven’t heard Roadkill, expect an assault on all the senses taking complete control of your feeling and frustration leaving you immersed in the sound of Supera Morza.” Check it out in the video here:

That followed their aforementioned debut single Scrubber, which opens up with stabbing guitars and a piercing guitar sound that go on to play call and response with the opening vocals. That continues into a brief catchy chorus “Now he’s gonna scrub it off, He never really wants to talk, To talk to anyone” before diving back into a lively verse then a longer version of the chorus.

Wild sounds take over alongside driving guitars, and momentarily stop before driving into a more intense version of the chorus to bring the track to a heavy ending. Check it out in the lyric video here:

On what inspires the Supera Morza sound, Finn tells us: “Music a lot of the time stems from feelings and expressing yourself by putting it into sound. These feelings come from aspects of life you’re afraid to address in conversation and normal social interaction. Music releases a lot of these feelings in an extraordinary way and through different forms and channels that releases what you want to say and there’s not many things that beat it. 

“Becoming a regularly recording and touring band has always been something we aspire to be and seeing our influences say their piece on stages across the world was incredibly inspiring.”

You can see Supera Morza yourself at Jacaranda in Liverpool on Saturday (6 November) and more info is available here. The band also plan to be back in the studio in the next few months and hope to book some shows in London.

As Finn says: “We just wanna let everyone there’s a lot more great gigs and hard-hitting tracks on the way that we’re so excited to show off.”

You can follow Supera Morza on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube, and support the band on GoFundMe.

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