Introducing: SPOONHEAD

If you like your rock music raucous, frantic and frenetic then Australian trio SPOONHEAD are exactly the band for you. The Newcastle, New South Wales-based outfit offers up a deliciously raw and grungey rock sound that they describe as “vicious, malicious but not facetious,” which we love.

The band began with Port Macquarie-based Kobe (drums) and Oscar (guitar) teaching themselves limited musicality before bringing in Angus (bass).

As Oscar explains: “Kobe and I learned very, and I mean very limited, sounds and basic chords on our instruments and thought it would be enough to start a band and make songs in Kobe’s garage. Pretty much just making terrible noises and practicing Iron Man by Black Sabbath for hours on end in the school holidays and weekends etc…

“A few years later we thought it was time to get someone who actually knew what they were doing so we convinced, somehow Angus to play bass to make it actually sound like a band. Angus is actually a really good guitar player so was really weird and hard to ask him to play bass, but I think it’s worked out really well for us.”

Our most recent taste of what the band has to offer is Sleight of Hand, which opens up with lively guitars that are gradually joined by drums and kick into a fun opening verse. It drops into big stabbing guitar chords then spoken vocals “Should have known better, I should have felt better today” then a chunky bassline supports the returning riff.

That develops into moody guitars and bass supporting almost spoken vocals, before bursting back into life with engaging vocals that bring the track to a heavy conclusion.

On the track, Oscar told us: “We put a lot of time, money and effort into the production and the promotional side of things. We didn’t get what we thought we could have gotten in terms of radio play, playlisting and exposure but in saying that we had big praises from our circle and local scene here in Newcastle which was incredible. The single all-up was a positive for us, maybe we are just a little hard on ourselves with all that stupid stuff anyway.

“To people who haven’t listened to it, I think it’s our best song to date. We all had our contributions and influences involved, we kind of got a sense of the new Spoonhead sound. It’s a fun song to play and to mosh to as well, the song rolls through some parts that are linked nicely instead of just making different riffs and gluing them together.”

Sleight of Hand follows on from last year’s debut Spoonhead album Pretty Pig, which is packed with deliciously feisty punky rocky goodness. That includes the fantastically vicious opening track A.M.M, the lively I Know and Bland, and a personal favourite the downright raw and dirty Thinking. While the brilliantly named Barefoot and Pregnant brings the album to an intriguing conclusion.

The band draws influence from the likes of Helmet, Nirvana, Melvins and Black Sabbath. And on what inspires them to write music, Kobe says: “In the start, probably the fact there weren’t many hardcore, punk or alternative bands in Port Macquarie.

“We don’t have any major topics or key themes we write about in particular, although our latest single Sleight Of Hand definitely had a focus on manipulation.”

Expect much more from Spoonhead soon as the band continues to write and record new music, with the plan to start playing shows once restrictions lift in Australia.

You can follow Spoonhead on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify and Apple Music.

Listen to Spoonhead on our new music playlists GigRadar Grunge and GigRadar Rock

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