New Band of the Week: The Alchemy

Kent quartet The Alchemy offer up an explosive alt-rock sound fusing filthy riffs and pounding rhythms with engaging vocals that they describe as “dynamic, shiny and warm.” And, having moved to this area during lockdown, it’s exciting to cover this Canterbury collective as they’re the first Kent band we’ve written about in years.

The Alchemy began when vocalist Rhys Taylor and guitarist Luke Welch met while studying music at college. They stuck together musically despite their educational paths following different routes and teamed up with drummer Sam Ewen in 2016. Most recently, they completed the lineup with bassist Jack, who joined the band during lockdown. As the band tells us: “Like life, there are big ships and there are small ships, but like The Alchemy the most important are friendships.

The band released debut EP Modern Age back in 2016 then a series of singles building up to their debut album Chemical Daydream in 2019. But they just released their first post-lockdown release earlier this month.

And the new single Dream A Little Bigger has been well worth the wait. It opens up with wild guitar sounds and rolling drums that drop into a stabbing riff and distant cries. That feeds into engaging dual vocals with a female vocalist “Call me a junkie, Tell me I’m fine, Am I a chronic memory, Behind your eyes.” More laid-back vocals lead into a big catchy chorus “Dream a little bigger, Where’s your head at, Where’s your head at, Boy, dream a, a little bigger, Where’s your head at, Where’s your head at.”

Big chunky guitars give way to another engaging verse supported by heavy drums and feed into a second chorus that ends with repeats of the line “Without you gravity counts for nothing, With you I had a hold of something” that see the pace drop. But just as it slows right down it explodes into a final blast of the chorus that ends on a big scream and chunky guitar riffs that bring the track to a heavy conclusion.

On the track, the band told us: “The reception has been fantastic, a lot of people have said very nice things about the track. We’ve been played on BBC Introducing and placed on a few Spotify playlists already. For anyone who hasn’t listened yet, expect a vibrant gut-punch that makes you taste coffee for a week.” Check it out for yourself here:

If you like what you hear from that track then there’s plenty more to get stuck into in The Alchemy’s back catalogue. That includes a mass of great tracks on their debut album, including the opening track Diamond Bones, Better The Devil You Know, Gateway Drug, and powerful closing track Chemical Daydream.

But a personal favourite is the penultimate track We’re All Just Criminals, which opens up with engaging vocals over a darting riff and stabbing bass in a verse that ends with the line “And can you seize this opportunity and not fuck it up, Don’t fuck it up.” That leads into a powerful chorus that drops into a second verse supported by a chunky synth bass. A second chorus ends on a building riff then a cheeky little solo supported by big cries of “We’re all just criminals.” That feeds into another huge chorus before the track ends with deliciously heavy guitars.

You can also check out the band’s debut single Modern Age in the video here:

The Alchemy sound has been honed by a wide range of genres with influential bands including the likes of Biffy Clyro, The Intersphere, Deftones, Thrice, Muse, Black Foxxes and Incubus.

And on what inspires their music, they tell us: “The music comes first most of the time, we each bring something to the table. Anything can be an influence for us. As for the lyrics, that’s down to what Rhys is feeling in the moment. It’s up to all four of us to make it fit together in a way that we like, after that.”

You can catch The Alchemy playing live shows for the first time in two years as they hit the road with All Ears Avow, who we saw play live way back in February 2018, this week. The tour kicks off tomorrow (Tuesday, November 16) in Nottingham, then consecutive nights in Manchester, London, Canterbury and Swindon before finishing up in Swansea on Sunday (21 November). Tickets are available here.

And the band add: “After that, we are going to be releasing something new almost every month, whether that is new music or more tour dates, leading up to something special in May 2022. We just want people to keep their eyes and ears peeled over the next few months. It’s going to be an exciting time.”

You can follow The Alchemy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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