Introducing: Shizzura

A German band creating Japanese-inspired metal is probably one of the most niche musical genres we’ve covered in the five years of GigRadar’s existence. But Darmstadt quartet Shizzura somehow manage to make a fusion of western metalcore and nu-metal, eastern approaches and English and Japanese lyrics work in a sound they describe as “critical, passionate and emotional.”

On their approach, the band told us: “Our sound is unlike any other and is kind of like a samurai without a master as it doesn’t obey the rules of any genre and therefore has no master. Expect a combination of sounds that you may be familiar with, mixed with a Japanese approach. Our song My Villain, for example, has elements of western Metalcore and Japanese Punk and Your Blinded Eyes Can’t See Us has influences of the nu-metal Band KoRn and Japanese all-rounders MUCC.

The band started out as a side project before turning into a serious project ahead of recording their debut album RONIN in 2014. Their former guitarist Kizashi left the band to move to Japan, but Karumo (vocals and guitar), Ryō (guitar), Yukko (bass) and Tetsu (drums) have continued the good work.

The band re-released RONIN digitally with Wormholedeath Records last week and, on the record, they told us: “RONIN consists of a wide variation of songs with a lot of different topics and emotions. Starting with Nishibi, a song with critical lyrics and a clear message, continuing through Caustic, which is a tale about loss and despair, and closing with Secrets, that ends the album on a slightly emotional note. We intend to bring awareness, convey emotions and bring our Japanese-influenced sound to western ears.”

There’s a lot to like about this diverse, hard-hitting 14-track album, which is packed with huge tracks like The Hell In My Eyes, Caustic, My Villain, The Declaration and the particularly vicious Venom. Check out the excellent Caustic in the lyric video here:

The album opens up with the lively Nishibi, which begins with a big chunky riff that feeds into light vocals intersected with funky guitar licks. The intensity builds and explodes into life with a huge scream and heavier drums, which feed into a powerful chorus that ends on heavy guitars. Light guitars take over and build up to a powerful conclusion. Give it a listen here:

Then there’s the penultimate track Your Blinded Eyes Can’t See Us, which starts with light cymbals that give way to a fractured opening guitar riff. That gives way to a light but menacing opening verse, which ends with intensifying vocals that flow into huge screamed vocals and a chorus of clean vocals answered by screamed retorts. A second chorus gives way to more intense guitars then a little darting riff that continues through a fun instrumental section that supports clean vocals to bring the track to a close. Give it a listen here:

The album concludes with the delicious Secrets, which starts slowly but develops into a big catchy chorus that gives way to an awesome instrumental conclusion to bring the album to an end. Check it out here:

On the album, the band add: “The album contains songs from throughout the years of our time as a band. We released three singles in the past which, are still available on our Soundcloud and Bandcamp accounts, if you’re interested in hearing our progress yourself. We grew as people and musicians so we had to refine our music as well, so RONIN is an album is a project that has been in the works for years and went through many changes. It is very close to our hearts and we are really proud of it.”

The Shizzura sound has been influenced by a mix of western and eastern bands, including KoRn, MUCC, Dir En Grey, lynch., System Of A Down, Trivium and D’espairs Ray.

And on what inspires them to write music, the band tell us: “Social criticism, emotions, zeitgeist, personal struggle. Our lyrics are very close to us and individual.”

The re-release of RONIN through Wormholedeath Records is out now. The band is also working on new music, which they hope to release next year. They’re also planning to release another video for a song from RONIN and hope to start playing gigs as and when the world allows.

You can follow Shizzura on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and YouTube.

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