Introducing: Forgery System

Italian band Forgery System have gradually honed a hard-hitting groove metal meets metalcore sound that’s evolved from punk beginnings. Indeed, those punky melodies continue to permeate their metal sound to form an engaging yet crushing offering they describe as “strong, energic but melodic.”

Forgery System is formed of Pablo Dara (vocals and guitar), Daniele Maggi (lead guitar), Gabriele Orlandi (bass) and Federico Favia (drums), who initially formed a band at high school in Pavia, in northern Italy. They started out playing punk and heavy metal but, as Federico tells us, their sound has evolved since their school days.

“Starting from heavy metal influences in the first album (Distorted Visions, 2016), we moved to modern metal with the EP (Demons Among Us, 2020),” he said. “Now we’re trying to confirm our sound with a mix of groove and metalcore, searching for a balance between old and new school.”

Our most recent taste of this is their latest single Blade of Ashes, which they describe as representing “the cut between what has been, now extinct, and what will be seen in the future.” It opens up with a building guitar riff then a little scream ushers in heavy drums supporting a fun darting riff. A big drum roll brings in big screamed opening vocals supported by intense drums, which feed into a more melodic chorus led by catchy vocals and a cool guitar lick.

Heavy vocals take over along with crushing drums and stabbing guitar chords, then low-tuned guitars and vicious screams drop into a second chorus. A cool twisting lick takes over alongside heavy drums, then big screams kick into a huge guitar solo. That nicely flows into a final blast of the chorus with a twisting lick supporting it, then vicious low-tuned guitars, heavy drums and screams bring this huge track to a close.

On the track, Federico told us: “Our new single has been appreciated, and in our opinion, this is the first song we’re really proud of. If you haven’t listened yet, you can imagine mixing strong riffs, solid grooves, catchy chorus, a classic metal guitar solo and a breakdown to have the brand new Forgery System song Blade of Ashes.” Check it out in the awesome video here:

The latest single follows on from Forgery System’s huge Demons Among Us EP, which was released last year. The EP is packed with vicious metalcore goodness, including the brilliantly titled Theatre of Bastards. The track builds up to a cool riff then a big drum roll drops into a verse of call and response vocals then heavier vocals feed into an intense chorus “In my sorrow, I struggle to exist, You’re useless, You know what I mean.” Later on, another big chorus drops into a more laid-back instrumental section, which builds up to a lively solo to bring the track to a close. Check it out in the video below:

That said, the band doesn’t believe all their songs are all that great. As Federico says: “A nice curiosity is one of our worst songs Ebola. This is the favorite fan song, because it’s stupid. We wrote this song in about an hour and we recorded it in one take, but we play it at the end of each concert because we know fans want to hear it.” And if you really want to listen to Ebola, it’s the penultimate track on their debut album Distorted Visions.

The Forgery System sound has been honed by key influences like Trivium, Killswitch Engage and Bullet For My Valentine, as well as the likes of August Burns Red, Bleed From Within, Machine Head and Gojira.

And on what inspires them to write music, Federico says: “The tracks in our first release don’t follow a common thread, but since the last year, we’re trying to connect the lyrics of our songs. With Lost Embers, taken from the latest ep, we’re talking about the extinction of human beings. In Blade of Ashes, we proposed a devastating scenario where a rebirth is possible, and this concept will continue in the future releases.”

It’s been a while since we covered any Italian bands, so we asked Federico for his thoughts on their country’s music scene. He told us: “I think the Italian scene has great metal bands that deserve more attention. I try to listen to and support bands that I know and I like to discover new music, but after the lockdown, there are few venues left and the music offer is probably higher than the demand. I really hope to return to a normal situation, but with more energy and more desire for live events, to recuperate the last two years.”

There’s much more to come from Forgery System, who are currently writing new music and planning their next recording session. And they hope to play their new songs live soon and, hopefully, across Europe.

You can follow Forgery System on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Deezer and YouTube.

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