Introducing: Lake Mosaic

What better way to get your weekend kicked off than with a high-octane fusion of pop-punk, easycore, and post-hardcore. Luckily for you, we’ve got exactly that courtesy of exciting Michigan-based band Lake Mosaic, who describe their music as: “Energetic, catchy, and relatable. We try to write songs that everyone can get hype to, sing along to, and relate to.”

The Ann Arbor quintet of Michigan locals Adam, Ben and Matt plus Evan, from Florida, and Anthony, from Illinois, have all been playing music in various guises since they were teenagers.

As the band tell us: “Matt has played guitar in a few bands and has experience with audio production, as does Adam, who mixes all of our stuff. Adam and Ben played in a few bands together while they were growing up in Ann Arbor. Their metalcore band Bury the Witness was well-known locally. Anthony and Evan became friends and collaborators while they were earning their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music from the University of Michigan. They’ve performed in tons of contexts together, from symphony orchestra – Evan is also a classical tuba player, and Anthony’s formal training is in classical percussion – to their post-rock project House of Hummingbirds.”

Lake Mosaic came together last summer through mutual friends and spent a few months jamming, writing and making demos. And it was completed when Matt joined in October, when their original singer had to leave due to a vocal injury. But his arrival offered “the perfect blend of clean and heavy vocals to the music we were writing.” Since then, the band has released a series of singles that are building towards a debut album that’ll be out early next year.

And on the sound they’ve honed since, the band tell us: “We usually tell people that we are a pop-punk band, although our sound is also heavily influenced by metalcore and the early 2000s Midwest emo sound. There’s a bit of 90s skate punk in some of our songs, too.”

Our latest offering of this is new single Perseverance, which opens up with a delicious guitar riff that’s joined by searing atmospheric guitars and heavy drums. That drops into engaging vocals supported by palm-muted guitars, which lead into a huge singalong chorus. Heavy vocals “you can’t give in” and big guitars drop into a more laid-back verse that builds up to another powerful chorus. Second time around, the chorus gives way to heavy guitars and screamed vocals that bring the track to a close.

On the track, the band said: “This song is one of the most vulnerable on the record. It’s slower than most of the tunes we write, and it’s got kind of a power ballad vibe to it. But, it’s not a song about love, like most power ballads are. It’s about reflecting on pain and heartbreak, accepting the past, and pushing through to a better future. It’s got catchy, pop-song kinds of moments, and it’s got cathartic heavy moments.

“It’s a special song to us because it’s the first one Adam wrote when he started working on song ideas in early 2020, and it really speaks to a lot of the struggles over the last year and a half through COVID-19. There’s a lot for people to relate to in this one. It goes out to anybody having a hard time, anybody that needs a boost to make it through.” Check it out in the video here:

That single follows the lively Losing Grip, which opens up with a cry of “Let’s fucking do it” that ushers in a laid-back lick over driving drums. Those drop into an engaging verse that ends on a big scream that leads into a catchy chorus. The opening lick returns and continues into a verse that suddenly drops in pace, hen builds up to another chorus.

Big doomy cymbals and light guitars jump in, then light vocals feed into a mellow section. But a big drum roll sees it kick into a heavy final blast of the chorus. Check it out in this interesting guitar (and air drums) playthrough video:

Both of those tracks follow debut single What’s Left Of Me, which opens up with lively guitars then palm-muted guitars support the opening vocals. It quickly bursts into a huge chorus led by Matt’s delicious fusion of clean and screamed vocals. An energetic second verse of engaging vocals supported by a driving riff and drums, which feed into another huge chorus. That drops into a cool little riff and piercing guitars that support big screamed vocals, before dropping into a heavy conclusion.

You can get a taster for this song and learn to play it in a music theory breakdown video that guitarist Evan has put together – which we think is the first time we’ve seen a band do this on their YouTube channel, and we love it.

Lake Mosaic’s members come from different musical backgrounds, but share influences like Belmont, Microwave, The Story So Far and Four Year Strong, heavier and more progressive groups like Deftones and Periphery. While Evan always brings a little bit of Metallica into his riffs. You can check out their individual playlists on the band’s Spotify page for more insight.

And on what inspires them to write music, the band explains: “Musically, we try to emulate what we see as the best parts of the pop-punk scenes over the last twenty years or so. Back in Blink-182’s day, it was all about catchy choruses and uptempo beats, in the 2010s the genre became a bit more moody and sentimental, and modern pop-punk has this awesome focus on super active guitar riffs which aren’t always dominated by power chords (don’t get me wrong, though, we love our power chords!).

“As far as lyrics go, Matt and Evan are usually the ones writing them, and Adam helps edit and refine them. We like to write about a lot of topics, but the majority of what’s going to be on the record is about some pretty personal stuff and toxic relationships. Matt and Evan like to be vulnerable, honest, and personal with their lyrics, but we always try to make sure that anybody listening can hear something of themselves in the songs.”

As mentioned, Lake Mosaic are building up to the release of their debut record, also called Perseverance, for which they’re currently wrapping up production. That should be out early 2022, but ahead of that they hope to release another cover song, following the success of their version of KennyHoopla and Travis Barker’s Estella.

And the band adds: “We just hope that our music is helpful for people, and that it brings joy and hope into their lives. The most important thing to us is making authentic human connections and having fun, because that’s what music should be about.”

You can follow Lake Music on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

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