Video Premiere and New Band of the Week: Seek Harbour

Something a little different today as we drop a video premiere along with publishing our New Band of the Week on a Wednesday! Below is the exclusive video premiere for Seek Harbour’s brand new single Dagger Like Eyes, which is released on Friday (17 December):

Intriguingly, Kent band Seek Harbour are based in a small seaside town called Deal, which is just along the coast from the GigRadar base in Margate. The band offers up an infectious post-hardcore sound that fuses emotional melodic verses with 80s-esque pop choruses, which they describe as being “melodic, melancholic and relatable.”

Seek Harbour is formed of two lead singers in clean vocalist Edwin Matthew Hall and rough vocalist Lawrence Regan. They’re joined by guitarist and programmer Chris ‘CeeJay’ Ellinor, who plays all electric guitar parts, as well as bass, programming the synths, backings and samples, and drummer Simon Bullock.

The quartet have known each other for a long time, having grown up together in Deal. As Edwin tells us: “We have all lived locally in the area for years and have known each other for a while now, some of us much longer than others. We have worked together, drank together and hung out together over the years. We have all been in different bands throughout the years we’ve grown up in Deal and have been to each others’ shows to photograph or just simply listen.

“It got to a point around three years ago, I started joking around with CeeJay that we should be in a band together as I was aware of his talents as a musician. We thought of other friends who we knew and the joke for us four to become a band began. CeeJay did say no from the get-go and this joke must’ve lasted a long while until one day a random WhatsApp group started with CeeJay stating something along the lines of ‘Okay guys. Let’s give this a shot, anyone game?’ That happened after he saw Being As An Ocean at the Impericon Never Say Die tour, which inspired him into wanting to re-create music within that genre we’ve always liked.”

The band released their debut single Ghost & Shadow in 2019 and have since released four more tracks over the last two years. And all of that builds up to their new single Dagger Like Eyes.

It opens up with a light riff with heavier hits of guitar and drums that give way to delicious clean vocals. Big screamed vocals take over and feed into a catchy chorus, with support from the screamed vocals and heavy guitars.

The chorus drops into raspy vocals that lead into Edwin’s clean vocals supported by a funky little guitar lick. The screams return supported by a darting riff and chugging chords that build up to another catchy chorus. Second time around, the chorus drops into light guitars and atmospheric instrumentals and floaty repeats of “dagger like eyes” to bring the track to a mellow ending.

On the track, Edwin told us: “We are extremely excited to release this track as we have worked hard behind the scenes battling restrictions and delays in order to get into a position where we and our manager James (Saviour Management) are ready to go ahead. It’s been a little while in the making and to release a new track is exciting. And the longer the gap between songs gets, as you can imagine, you get a bit itchy!

“You can expect a hopefully relatable subject we’ve all experienced at one point in our lives and also a visual story-driven video from this song! We are looking forward to getting this out there as our video team Fast Forward worked tirelessly and hard to make this vision come to life for us. We are very happy with the results, we even feature in it ourselves instead of hiring actors which we found more personal for the viewer.”

Check out Dagger Like Eyes in our exclusive video premiere here:

This track follows their delicious previous single alone>lonely, which begins with light guitar that develops into a noodling little lick under clean and raspy vocals playing call and response. That develops into an immersive chorus with searing guitars supporting engaging clean vocals. Lawrence’s vocals take over in the second verse, before the dual vocals feed into another beautiful chorus.

A light instrumental section is blown wide open by heavy guitars and big screamed vocals, with Edwin’s vocals jumping in underneath. That brings this awesome track to a heavy conclusion, and you can check it out in the stream here:

That followed a series of singles Sleepless Water and a cover of Monsta Boy’s Sorry (I Didn’t Know), which carried on from their debut single Ghost & Shadow. And the band recently released a delicious re-imagined version of that debut track, which you can check out here:

Seek Harbour’s biggest musical influences include the likes of Slaves (US), Alazka, Deaf Havana, Alexisonfire, Being As An Ocean and thecityisours, plus a little bit of We Are The Ocean.

And on what inspires them to write music, Edwin explains: “CeeJay starts the writing process by randomly getting ideas in his head. He will then pitch an idea to us and we will add from there, we’re lucky as it’s almost as if it just ‘comes to us.’ That being said, the odd tune can trigger this if we’re listening to some of our favourite artists.

“The subjects we have written about are focused around subjects close to our heart, we have done abstinence struggles, co-parenting, feeling distant to friends and family. And with our new upcoming track Dagger Like Eyes about vices pertaining to being dragged back into negative scenarios.”

Dagger Like Eyes will be the first song of a slow-release EP that Seek Harbour are releasing in early 2022. They’ll be celebrating the new track with a hometown show at The Lighthouse in Deal on 23 December, tickets for that are here. They’re also hoping to get out on tour to showcase their new songs across the UK in April, so keep your eyes open for more news on that shortly. While Edwin tells us he heard CeeJay say the word “album” once… so that could be something to look forward to as well.

As Edwin says: “We will definitely be seeing how the year goes with what we have to offer audiences now and perhaps write some more towards the summer! It’s going to be a fun, busy year we think, it’s time to get the ball rolling on our live shows and get ourselves and our faces out there.”

You can follow Seek Harbour on Facebook and Instagram, and check out their music on Spotify and Apple Music. And check out more great new bands on the Saviour Management roster.

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