Introducing: Rogue

We may have had a slow start to 2022 but there’s nothing slow about our first international artist of the year, Louisiana duo Rogue. The pair have honed a progressive metalcore sound that fuses pummelling guitars, a mix of clean and screamed vocals and immersive soundscapes, which they describe as “energetic, atmospheric and thought-provoking.”

The duo of Jansen Nunez and guitarist Jeffrey Fisher hail from Lafayette and started out when Jansen met producer Jonathan Dolese at a gig. As Jeffrey explains: “Jansen had played in local bands before, and was seeking a new creative outlet in the vein of progressive metalcore, similar to acts like Northlane or Invent Animate.”

And on what to expect from the Rogue sound, Jeffrey tells us: “We typically label our music ‘progressive metalcore’ with the intent that we are taking heavy, guitar-driven passages and layering them with clean vocals, ambiance, soundscapes etc… Bands like Northlane and Invent Animate have really brought this sound to the forefront, but we continue to focus on the production side of things as each record progresses to create a cohesive, sonic universe around each piece of work.”

Our latest taste of this is their third EP in two years Phantom, which was released at the end of last year. The EP opens up with the ambient Boros that leads into the vicious Jackal, which explodes with a huge wall of guitars and huge screamed vocals. That gives way to a delicious little guitar section before dropping into a more mellow bridge into an atmospheric chorus. Give this awesome track a listen here:

Viper begins with light synth sounds before exploding into a quick blast of heavy vocals and guitars then dropping into a more laid-back section. Chunky guitars jump back in to support intense vocals, which feed into a powerful chorus of engaging vocals and booming guitars. It wastes no time blasting into another vicious verse that ends on big djenty guitars and a siren-like synth sound, before again dropping into a mellow section.

That’s blown away by powerful vocals “And I wish I could feel it, Forever, forever, And I wish I could heal it, I would like to be like them,” which feed into an awesome little jumpy guitar riff to bring the track to a close. Check it out in the video here:

Equally good is the title track Phantom, which starts out with light vocals supported by ominously heavy occasional blasts of low-tuned guitar. It suddenly bursts into a huge chorus of engaging vocals and booming guitars then a stabbing riff feeds into a savagely heavy verse. Check it out in the lyric video here:

The EP closes out in fine style with Serpent Syndicate, which wastes no time dropping into a deliciously good jumping guitar riff supported by searing synths. Blasting guitars and wild synths then support heavy screams that slide into more laid-back vocals, before feeding into a huge riff that continues more heavy vocals. It brings the record to an intriguing conclusion, with a fusion of intense metalcore and big synths, and you can check it out in the video here:

On the EP, Jeffrey told us: “We’ve seen some incredible reception so far, and what we’re really excited about is that everyone seems to have a different favorite song. Whether it’s the chorus of Viper, the call-out in Serpent Syndicate, or the ethereal title-track, there’s a song on here for every era of Rogue – past, present, and future. For anyone who hasn’t heard it yet, I’d say this record shows a much more vulnerable and focused side of Rogue, and that the record is less ‘riff-driven’ than our previous output.”

The Rogue sound, as previously mentioned, owes much to Northlane and Invent Animate, who Jeffrey says are “two acts that Rogue would not exist without.” Other influences include Jansen being into TesseracT, Leifur James, and Sevdaliza and Jeffrey’s genre-focused interests like ERRA, Spiritbox and Bilmuri.

While on what inspires them to write music, Jeffrey says: “Writing and creating music for us comes from deep within each of us. At some point in all of our individual upbringings, we found something about music that brought comfort and excitement, and a logical extension of that became wanting to create.

“Within the scope of Rogue, however, the key themes were born from wanting to shed light on certain topics that often go unnoticed, or seeking some type of catharsis from the past. While our past records were much more politically and socioeconomically focused, Phantom became introspective and vulnerable due to the state of the world when it was written.”

Like us, Rogue enjoyed a little downtime over the holidays but are looking to hit the ground running in 2022. They have video content ready to release from the latest record, as well as new physical goodies and, hopefully, some gigs.

And Jeffrey adds: “We just want everyone to know how much we appreciate their time and support of this project. Our musical and lyrical stylings are ever-evolving, so it means a lot that some of our fans have stuck around since Anomaly and are willing to go down these different rabbit holes with us.”

You can follow Rogue on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp and Apple Music.

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