Introducing: Me From You

New York City band Me From You offer up a feisty pop-punk sound with a heavy focus on lyricism and telling personal stories, honing a sound they describe as being “punchy, fun, and thiccc (with 3 Cs).”

The band started out in 2018 with Steven Murillo and Chris Murphy sharing songs back and forth via a long email exchange. The result of that was their debut EP Framework, which was released last year. Steven then reached out to Greg, Kevin and Jay, formerly of Landscapes and Skylines, to assist with recording their next release. And that led to the trio joining the band to record their second EP, Rival Towns, which was released in December.

Speaking to us before the EP release, Steven hit the nail on the head when he advised us to “expect a fun Pop Punk EP” and a sound that’s “passionate, ambient and nostalgic.”

The EP opens up with Wear Me Out, which begins with lively guitars that drop into intense, almost call and response vocals. That’s joined by driving drums, which build up to a big atmospheric chorus. A second chorus drops into vocals supported by palm-muted guitars and a piercing guitar noise then a big scream feeds into another engaging chorus. Check it out in the lyric video here:

The pop-punk intensity continues on Back To Where, which starts out with engaging vocals before blasting into a big chorus. A second chorus drops into fun guitars that continue under a big cry of “I’m missing out on everything,” before building up to a big final blast of the chorus.

The first track we heard from the EP was Borrowed Time, which starts out with laid-back vocals “Show me your heart, Show me all your hatred” over light instrumentals. Drums kick in as the vocals pick up pace and bursts into a big singalong chorus. The pace drops after the second chorus with repeats of light vocals “Take me through the motions, See the things that I’ve done, Here I am, Here I am.” But it suddenly explodes into life with driving drums and lively guitars leading a big final chorus.

On the track, Steven told us: “So far people really seem to love it! We’re really proud of that song in particular and the reactions we’ve received have been very positive so we’re grateful for it! And I would say expect ambient guitars and hard-hitting choruses!” Check it out here:

The EP closes out in style with Years Behind, in which an atmospheric verse flows into a catchy chorus. A cool little instrumental section drops into engaging vocals that bring the track and the EP to an energetic conclusion.

The Me From You sound has been influenced by bands like The Wonder Years, Four Year Strong, and The Story So Far, while Angels and Airwaves has been a major influence on their songwriting.

And on what inspires them to write music, Steven tells us: “Listening to other bands and life experiences are my biggest influences. I usually try not to think about one specific theme, but I will often write down all my thoughts or feelings on a situation and then kind of go from there.”

There’s more pop-punk goodness on their first EP and there’s plenty more to come from Me From You, including a show in the works for the Spring. They’ve also already finished writing their next EP so expect music videos, merch and more music through 2022.

And Steven added: “We plan to keep writing absolute bangers, so we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Please follow us on all social media and spread the word. We hope to see you at a show soon!”

You can follow Me From You on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and YouTube.

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