Introducing: The Last Vinci

Ireland-based trio The Last Vinci have honed a deliciously punishing rock sound led by vicious riffs and engaging vocals, which they summarise as “heavy, happy and meaningful.” Or, as they put it to us: “The Last Vinci sounds as if Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon and Dave Grohl went to a math-rock gig.”

The Cork band started out when frontman Alex Vinci left his homeland of Italy in 2011 and moved to Ireland with his family. He’d previously been in a band called No Conventional Sound, which had been signed to Warner Bros Music and supported the likes of Deep Purple and Finland’s Eurovision representative last weekend The Rasmus. He’d previously shared the stage with bassist Conal Murphy, who’d been in a band called Rich City Vultures, and the two had become friends. And the band was completed with drummer Brasko, who was the vocalist in No Conventional Sound and, conveniently, also moved to Ireland with his family in 2015.

As Alex tells us: “It wasn’t easy for me to get into the Irish music scene. But I didn’t give up! Starting from scratch, we released our debut album The Last Vinci in November 2014 and released several singles and videos. Then we went on an extensive tour supporting the album release around Ireland, Italy, the UK, Switzerland, Latvia and Lithuania.

“We’re well known for punishing low frequencies through a three amp set-up and our ‘give-all-you-have’ energetic attitude and larger-than-life stage presence.”

Our latest taste of this is their new album The Revolution Is Made Together, which was released a few months ago. Prior to its release, Alex told us: “This record means the world to us and it has been a healthy therapy during the lockdown years. This album is dedicated to our fanbase who answered our call last year, helping us funding the process via GoFundMe. It includes collaborations with many Irish and UK artist friends. You should expect to hear a heavy and happy album, with songs that aim to make you think about important stuff but with a lot of head-banging riffs. And we can confirm, the revolution is made together. Always.”

The album kicks off in style with the brilliantly entitled Glitter Slaughterhouse, which opens up with a dramatic intro of a spinning riff then booming guitar chords. A deliciously heavy riff takes over and feeds into big singalong vocals that intensify then drop back into the heavy guitar. It intensifies then drops into an atmospheric combination of stabbing guitar and echoey vocals with a prominent cowbell – which we always love a bit of – to bring the track to an enjoyable conclusion. Check it out in the video here:

That’s followed by In The Name Of Ezra – which sees a welcome return of the cowbell in the intro and features fellow Irish band Bicurious. A driving riff kicks things off nicely, then laid-back vocals under a groovy repeating riff, which kicks into life alongside heavier drums before another light verse. A lively chorus drops into laid-back guitars and spoken vocals, before a beautiful atmospheric build-up drops into a final blast of the heavy riff.

And if big riffs are your thing, then you’re going to want to check out Gallows. It dives straight into a fuzzy riff then a cry of “Fear is the biggest lie” drops into a lively riff. A cool little chorus of distant spoken vocals drops into a powerful chorus which, second time around, gives way to booming guitars and more intense vocals. Check it out here:

The album is packed with bangers like a personal favourite You’ll Get Your Turn, the riff-heavy E.C.C., and the superb and intriguing brass-infused Adding Water To The Ocean. And it also closes out in style with the excellent seven-and-a-half-minute long title track, which features a really funky riff and engaging vocals before our old friend the cowbell returns to usher in a noodling guitar lick before a heavier conclusion and increasingly impassioned cries of “The only revolution is being together.” Check it out in the stream here:

The Last Vinci sound has been influenced by the likes of Black Peaks, Thrice, Bicurious, And So I Watch You From Afar. And on what inspires them to write music, Alex tells us: “We are influenced by life experiences and our music is our only way to express what we live every day. This album is about relationships, about the daily fight with your fears and expectations.”

The band just finished up a tour across Ireland and the UK and you can guarantee there’s much more to come from this exciting trio. And as Alex adds: “If you love good riffs and songs with meaningful lyrics we are your band. And we really can’t wait to see you during the tour.”

You can follow The Last Vinci on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and YouTube. And check out Alex’s label Narrow Door Records.

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