Introducing: Crimson Throne

“If you’re looking for party riffs, we aren’t for you,” warns T.H, the frontman of intriguing black metal band Crimson Throne. However, if you’re looking to kick off your weekend with some dark, disturbing and mysterious black metal then this band very much is for you.

Crimson Throne have honed a thrilling, atmospheric sound that T.H ominously describes as “abrasive, grim and surrounding.” The band, located in different areas across the south of the UK, started out in 2017 as a demo recording project. It began with current members T.H and A.M, who worked with another founding member to record and release the demo the same year.

They soon recruited permanent band members and started playing live shows. And as T.H tells us: “Since then, we have tried to have as much quality output as possible, whether that be in recording or playing live.”

On what to expect from the band, he adds: “Sonically speaking Crimson Throne is about range. We try not to limit ourselves with genres overly, we just try to paint a particular picture. Whether this be with blast beats, riffs and screaming or borderline power electronics, noise, cleans or samples. The distinction in what the output sounds like is what is represented in the artwork and track names.”

They’ve been pretty busy ever since that debut demo, with albums released in 2018 and 2021, alongside various singles. But our latest taste of their music is Instinct, which was released a few months ago.

The track opens up with repeating light guitar notes over a brooding, atmospheric background. An ominous sense of doom gradually approaches, before rolling drums and drawn-out guitars. Delicious high-pitched guitars kick in alongside vicious screamed vocals as the track descends into all sorts of darkness. A fun darting riff is supported by almighty drums as the wild vocals continue.

The drums relent a little as a more laid-back gothic section kicks in led by slower guitar and drumbeats. Then a piercing lone guitar riff leads us into a brutal final section of intense drums and more of the wild vocals. It’s dark, it’s brooding and it’s intense, and you can check it out here:

The track is supported by three doomy ambient meets noise tracks, which feature some really cool sounds and, at times, sound very culty and ritualistic.

On the EP as a whole, TH tells us: “Instinct is very much about highlighting the band’s duality, both in sound and content. This release includes the first full-band track since 2019’s The Resilience Of Life & Death. This ties into our return to live shows again. This EP also includes 3 new ambient/noise tracks, reflecting on some of the harshest output we have released to date. The reaction so far has been humbling.”

For more of a taster of what Crimson Throne have to offer, we firmly recommend checking out their 2019 single The Resilience Of Life, Volume I – To Whatever End, the album they released last year, and even further back intense but engaging tracks like Indignant Slumber.

On what influences them to write music, T.H tells us: “Each release has its own key themes and the contents can be varied. Amongst other topics, we have touched on historical events or injustices, cultural plight past and present, the importance of preserving nature, death, societal and human extremities.”

There’s plenty more to come from Crimson Throne, who’ve just finished up UK tours supporting The Infernal Sea, Burial and Wolvencrown. They’ll be recording another album this year, have more material coming later this year, and should be appearing at festivals near you soon.

You can follow Crimson Throne on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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