New Band of the Week: Margarita Witch Cult

Riff-lovers everywhere gather around because heavy riff disciples Margarita Witch Cult are here to become your torchbearers of unholy din. The band has honed an infectious stoner rock meets doom sound that they summarise as being “heavy, riffy and doom-laden” and promise “our riffs will save your lives.”

The trio of Screamin’ Scott Vincent, George Casual and Jim Thing are based in Birmingham, which they describe as the “Home of Metal, UK.” They all play in other bands, including Table Scraps, Dead Slow and Mutes, and Jim used to be in God Damn. And, as Scott tells us: “It was actually the pandemic that gave us the time to get together, maybe the only good thing to come out of it.”

Going back to Birmingham, Margarita Witch Cult offer up a deliciously nostalgic sound that would make the many legends of their home city, including the likes of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Sleep and Electric Wizard, extremely proud.

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Our first taste of this is their self-produced debut two-track single Witchfinder, which was released in February. The single was recorded in a 12ft x 12ft practice space from a Peavey desk to a Tascam Porta-04. The two tracks were captured with minimal overdubs as the band aimed to capture an old-school sound and deliberately med-fi production that perfectly encapsulates their hard-riffing power trio status.

The single opens up with The Witchfinder Comes, a filthy riff-laden track that opens with a chugging hook that haunts the song throughout. Heavy drums kick in to support the opening riff and the almost mesmerising instrumentals continue as Scott’s infectious vocals take over.

It develops into a chorus featuring chunky guitar grooves and engaging vocals which, second time around, sees the chugging guitars continue then give way to a delicious spinning guitar solo. Chunky guitars take over from the solo, leading us to a heavy conclusion to a superb track. Check it out in the video here:

That track’s supported by B-side Aradia, which kicks off with a gorgeous little riff that continues in a dark, atmospheric intro. Echoey spoken vocals take over as the guitars linger ominously in the background. Then out of nowhere a funky twist of high-pitched guitars jump in, before dropping back into the almost calming chugging dark heaviness.

The high-pitched guitars return, playing call and answer with chunky low-tuned guitar stabs, then give way to a wild solo. The dark chugging riff returns in a delicious instrumental section that brings the track to an excellent conclusion. Give it a listen here:

On the single, Scott told us: “We recorded Witchfinder ourselves on severely outdated cassette equipment purely as a demo but loved the way it sounds so decided to put it out. People have been pretty psyched and seem to love the fact that it sounds like a lost relic from the 70s.”

And on what inspires them to write music generally, Scott adds: “Being formed in Birmingham it’s pretty hard to deny the shadow of Black Sabbath and their direct influence on us and most of the bands we love like Electric Wizard, Monster Magnet & Sleep. Everything seems to come back round to them. We’re always drawn to the darker side of things, occult literature, good vs evil, 70s folk-horror and 80s trash.”

The debut single is just the beginning of the cult’s offering. As Scott tells us: “We’re just putting the finishing touches to our first album and will release the first single from it shortly, it’d be great to find a label who would like to put it out. We’re booking some shows now and can’t wait to unleash hell up and down the country. Most of our CD sales have been to Germany so it would be amazing to get out there.”

You can follow Margarita Witch Cult on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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