Introducing: Entroy

Swedish modern metal meets djent band Entroy have made an intriguing first impression as their first music delivers their interpretation of the afterlife. And, if this vision were to come true, we’re not sure if we’d be scared or excited as we prepared to pass through those pearly gates.

The Stockholm band is formed of a group of guys who grew up together and have played music together in the past, but started Entroy in 2020 as the pandemic spread. They’ve since honed an atmospheric sound they describe as “dark, progressive and THALL” with music that utilises both Swedish and English lyrics.

The band told us: “We would describe our music as dark progressive metal with strong focus on painting pictures for the listener. Where we try to challenge the listener by diving into the big black holes and really feel the weight of each beat in the music. We play with a lot of dissonance but always have melodies lurking in the background and fill up the whole big soundscape that we are aiming for. A cinematic experience.”

We spoke to the band around the release of their debut EP AFTERWORLD, which features two tracks EFTERLIV and DÖD. First up is DÖD, ‘DEATH,’ which opens with the eerie sound of ringing church bells, which are gradually joined by building instrumentals including chugging guitars and thick bass.

Everything drops out bar an ominously dark background noise, before suddenly giving way to heavy vocals. Heavier instrumentals join in as it builds up to an intense chorus. The track is packed with cool little instrumental sounds, including in a delicious dark section that feeds into crushing low-tuned guitars and brutal screamed vocals. Check it out here:

Then EFTERLIV begins in dark, moody fashion with an almighty concoction of booming guitars, piercing stabs of guitar and crushing drums. A vicious intro drops into eerie whispery vocals and light instrumentals before the vocals intensify alongside rolling drums.

That builds up to a chorus of intense screamed vocals supported by big booming guitar chords with lingering high-pitched supporting instrumentals. It soon builds up to an almighty section of pounding drums and gruff throaty vocals with stabbing guitars in the background, before dropping into delicious djenty guitars. Check it out here:

On the EP, the band told us: “We think that AFTERWORLD has had a positive reception since we publish it on all music platforms. Which makes us extremely happy considering how much thought, work and planning we put into the EP. We definitely feel motivated to sit down again in the studio and start writing more music for all of you!

“For someone who has not heard AFTERWORLD, the listener should prepare for a dark journey into our interpretation of the afterlife and be prepared that it will hit hard in the chest. A recommendation from our side would be that the listener should lie down in a bed with dim light and closed eyes. Really just listen to all the details in the music. Listen to the vocals, the guitars, the drums and the huge ambient sections. Become one with the universe.”

Entroy draw influence from a wide range of bands, with the biggest influences on AFTERWORLD being Gojira, Vildhjarta and Humanity’s Last Breath. And on what inspires them to write music, they explain: “We usually write with emotion in mind. It is very rare that our riffs are written with the intention to be (purposely) complicated. The complexity of the music should have a meaning as to why it is there.

“When we work with lyrics, we often want to write with a concept in mind and not write songs that are completely independent from each other. In AFTERWORLD, we write about a character who is in the final stages of life and his journey into the afterlife. In the song DÖD we tell a story of what it is like to die of natural causes when you have arrived at the end of life which then leads into the song EFTERLIV (AFTERLIFE) which is a free interpretation of what happens after you have died.”

The two tracks also see the band combine a mixture of both Swedish and English lyrics, which was done intentionally with the theme of the single in mind. As the band explains: “We experimented with writing in both Swedish and English because we wanted to try to do something that is unique for us and, at the same time, paint our interpretation of this mystery that is life after this, if there is.

“This is where Swedish comes in as the ‘mysterious’ part of the lyrics. Deliberately making it a little harder for the listener to understand everything that is said because the theme of death and the afterlife is difficult to understand. Doing certain parts of the lyrics in another language is our way to create empty gaps where the listener can fill in some of their own interpretation of what is said and meant. We use English to make it easier to follow the story and make the songs go together and tell the story in chapters. In DÖD most of the song is in English because the concept of death is easier to grasp. While EFTERLIV is 50/50 in Swedish and English because the afterlife is more abstract. We will see what we come up with for our next project!”

It’s been a little while since we covered any bands from Sweden, so we asked the guys for their thoughts on the current state of Swedish rock and metal. They told us: “It’s a tricky question to answer now that it’s been a pandemic that has really made it impossible to go to concerts and support each other. But in short, we would say that the music scene in Stockholm is alive but is currently in a ‘home-recording state.’

“There is a widespread scene of DIY Black Metal bands in Stockholm and every other musician wants to play this, preferably completely from home and in different places or in some unkept rehearsal room in Nynäshamn. But there are also a lot of smaller metalcore bands that keep going and challenge the boundaries of the genre, but they too have stayed at home for most of their existence. Some Deathcore bands too but they usually come and go.

“Right now, it is very common to just release music and not play live because the scene has gotten older and most people have other commitments in everyday life. But we believe that this will change when the pandemic comes to an end as the whole scene is not only older, but also wiser now.”

If you like what you’ve heard from Entroy then you’re in luck, because there’s much more of it coming your way. As they tell us: “The first thing that will happen now after this ep-cycle is over is that we will start writing new music again and make some preparations for the future. Nothing will be forced out and we will take the time that’s needed to create new fresh music for all of you.

“In addition to our music, we would say that we appreciate everyone who wants to follow us and we are on all social media and platforms! Watch out! Because there will be more music and news when you least expect it!”

You can follow Entroy on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and check out their music on Spotify, Bandcamp and YouTube.

Listen to Entroy on our Spotify playlists GigRadar Core, GigRadar Metal and GigRadar Nordic

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