Introducing: Qu!et

They may be Qu!et by name but there’s nothing overly quiet about the nature of this New York band, who offer up an intriguing, catchy alternative rock sound that they describe as “dark, diverse, and spacey.”

The Long Island trio began when Michael Scarabino and Whiskey Moonshine met at a party in 2015. They hit it off immediately based on the music that was playing, met up a couple of weeks later to jam and formed an instant connection. They soon added Juliana Pitto through a local Facebook group and the band was set in 2016 – but didn’t release their first single until three years later.

The three band members share lead vocal duties, which adds an extra layer of intrigue to a sound that Michael describes to us as: “Very melodic and moody instrumentals with all-around vulnerable lyrics.”

We chatted to the band around the release of their single There’s No Escape, which preceded their debut EP Normal?. The track opens up with a cool repeating riff that continues under engaging vocals. That builds up to a catchy chorus supported by lively instrumentals, before dropping into a more laid-back verse. A second chorus gives way to a cool little guitar solo before repeats of the chorus bring the track to a lively conclusion.

On the track, Michael said: “Expect some cool guitar melodies, nice vocal performances, and perhaps (to) relate well to the lyrics!” Check it out here:

The EP opens up with the excellent Setbacks, which begins with rolling drums that give way to a really cool guitar lick. Chunky guitars give way to light vocals before building into an enjoyable singalong chorus. A later chorus drops into a funky little bassline supported by rolling drums then wah-effected guitars before the fun opening guitar lick returns. Check it out here:

The EP is packed with enjoyable, diverse tracks, from the edgy Freak Show to the more laid-back The Same Page and Just Go Alone, which sees Juliana take on the lead vocals.

We also love their previous single Halo, released in 2019, which features a delicious heavy guitar section and for which they’ve also released an instrumental version.

Qu!et draw influence from the likes of Muse, Pvris, and Bring Me The Horizon. And on what inspires them to write music, Michael says: “Often it could be from any moment that makes us feel something. I read a lot of books, so I like to draw influence from anything that has an impact on me during my reading.

“Naturally, as people, we tend to write about personal experiences we have in life. One thing I like to do is connect them to the theme of futurism and the effects of advancing technology. So perhaps I’ll write lyrics about a feeling for someone, I’ll use metaphors about our developing world to express how difficult it is to connect with them. Because it could be something like social struggles that are caused by social media, I tend to focus on those topics.”

The band are celebrating six years together this year and their debut EP seems the perfect way to mark the delicious sound the trio have honed. And they offer several previous singles to get your teeth stuck into if you like what you hear on the EP.

And Michael tells us: “We hope you love our new music. Follow us anywhere on social media, we love connecting with our fans and showing our process, and we hope to see you at a show this year!”

You can follow Qu!et on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.

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