New Band of the Week: Pale

British newcomers Pale offer up a thrilling and intoxicating rock sound that builds you up with powerful guitars and vocals then brings you back down with warm ambient moments and meaningful lyrics.

The quartet of Reece Banks (vocals), Ryan Williams (guitars), Matt Kirkham (bass) and Tom Morris drums) hail from the north-west and the Midlands. They’d all been in various bands and projects together over the three or four years prior to forming Pale, and tell us: “We all shared the same desire to create something personal and unique to us but at the same time relate to so many others.”

They’ve since honed an engaging, energetic sound, on which they say: “Although we feel it’s hard to describe our music, we have been described as heart-wrenching, cinematic and ethereal. We don’t really like to put a label on our music as music is so subjective, especially with the overlapping boundaries of genres these days.”

Our latest taste of this is new single Collapse, which was released earlier this month. The track opens up with building instrumentals, which explode into huge guitars and driving drums with high-pitched lingering synth over the top. That drops into engaging vocals alongside more laid-back guitars, before bursting into a powerful chorus “I know I’m falling apart, I know I’m never enough, I need you here inside this nightmare, Like the sun to pull the tides back, I know I’m falling apart.”

A second verse ends with heavier vocals “And if I could find a way to heaven someday, I would bring you home before I break,” which lead into another huge chorus. The second chorus drops into an ambient section and echoey drums that bring the track to a close.

Speaking prior to its release, the band told us: “We’re really excited! Collapse is quite different from what we’ve released so far in Litany and Absence despite sharing similar themes musically. The song explores the loss of a loved one which we feel is a topic that can be very difficult to discuss and the accompanying music video expands upon this.” Check out the new single in the video here:

The track follows three singles released last year, including the equally delicious Litany and Absence. The latter also opens up with heavy instrumentals and drops into a laid-back, dreamy verse before picking up pace heading into a big chorus. Check it out here:

Pale as a collective draw the most influence from one specific band, on which they told us: “Everyone in the band has such an eclectic music taste and we all bring that to the table when writing but as a collective, a big influence would have to be Casey. They have a somber, yet, aggressive essence about them that we like to encapsulate in our music with the ambience tied in with the more hard-hitting sections.”

And on what inspires them to write music, the band adds: “Life and mental health are two things that influence and drive us to write music but we would say that a key theme for us is definitely loss and the impact it has. It’s a feeling we’ve all experienced in our personal lives and something that everyone can relate to.

“The message in our music is what’s most important to us. We want every listener to connect with our music and to know that they’re not alone and hopefully find some form of solace in our music.”

There’s plenty more to come from this exciting new band, including a run of live shows on a co-headline tour with The Escape Artist in Birmingham (Subside Bar, 30 June), Leeds (BOOM, 2 July) and London (The Black Heart, 3 July). They also promise “to tread new ground” with more new music, which is currently in the planning stage.

And the band adds: “We head out with The Escape Artist in June/July and there will be some new exclusive items available for those who attend. We’d also like people to know that they’re not alone in their struggles and we hope that people can connect with our music to find some inner peace. Stay safe and take care.”

You can follow Pale on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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