Introducing: Wolvera

Texas band Wolvera aim to leave an impression on people that hear the metal sound they describe as “powerful, creative, and deep.” And it’s safe to say their attempts to modernise everything that was good about 1980s heavy metal – namely chugging riffs, vicious vocals, searing solos and powerful rhythms – are pretty memorable.

The band is formed of Dallas Forth Worth scene veterans (their words, not ours!) Garth Rogers and brothers Jerry and Ozz Gomez, alongside the talents of Venezuelan native Omar Tageddi. The Gomez brothers have been playing guitar and bass together for around 15 years, including Ozz’s project Sucio which played across the DFW music scene for a few years.

Jerry joined a group called Mentira in 2013, which enjoyed hometown success, shows in and around DFW and released an EP. That’s also where he met drummer Garth, with whom he played the local music scene for about four years. From there, Garth started a funk project called Paradise Within, which lasted for around two years.

They took a step back before eventually starting a project that would become Wolvera in 2020. The new project immediately had local success but, after recording their first three songs, the original trio realized something was missing. Then, just like magic, Garth received a message on BandMix from Omar, explaining he was from Venezuela but had been in Texas for two years, had played in bands back home and shared the same musical influences.

The new quartet set out to style themselves after metal genre greats with a sound that toes the line between smooth and complex. As Ozz explains: “As a group, we pride ourselves on heavy riffs and powerful drums, as well as a deep interest in staying harmonically compelling without sacrificing power or lyrical depth.

“I’d tell people interested in getting to know us to take those really awesome big and heavy sounds from the 1980s and try to consider what making them modern would sound like. We’re all about trying to hold onto the richness and  heaviness that the 80s brought to heavy metal, but we also want to bring those great sounds into the modern era by combining them with meaningful lyrics and modern guitar riffs and drum beats.”

Our first taste of this is Wolvera’s debut single The Trench, which opens with a chunky riff that wakes you up with a big firm slap around the face. Chugging guitars kick in through a verse led by gruff vocals, which eventually feed into huge drums supporting drawn-out guitars and vocals. A delicious laid-back guitar lick takes over and develops into a faster riff answered by a little lick and supported by heavy drums. A chugging riff kicks in and tees up a bigger guitar solo that sets up a final smash of the chorus. Check it out here:

That was followed by second single Lurking Within, which was released last week. It opens up with a big drum roll then a big proud guitar riff that continues under huge screamed vocals. A big descending riff kicks in as it intensifies through a powerful chorus, which ends on a chugging guitar before diving back into another verse.

A second chorus gives way to wild vocals supported by more big riffing and drums, before the pace is notched up even further by a stabbing riff and intense drums. The riff slows down a little, allowing Garth to take centre stage in a fittingly heavy ending.

On the track, Ozz told us: “The response has been really positive. The song is making its way out and the people we get to play it for seem to really dig it. Everyone we’ve gotten to get it in front of has really seemed to connect with it. 

“I’d expect people to be moved, and to be made to feel deep emotions – right? I mean, ultimately, that’s what we’re going for here. The piece is anchored by powerful drums and heavy guitar riffs that should convey to -if not directly draw out of- the listener emotional themes such as deep anger, immense regret, and then eventual redemption.” Check it out here:

It should come as no surprise that Wolvera are influenced by 80s metal greats like Metallica, on which Ozz says: “That era of heavy metal is such a huge influence on all of us it’s really at the core of all of our work.” But they also draw inspiration from the likes of Tool, Pink Floyd, Gojira and Mastodon.

And on inspires them to write music, Ozz explains: “I think that for us, like a lot of musicians, our strongest influences stem from things like suppressed feelings, memories, and experiences-especially the painful ones. For us, our music gives us a means by which we can express these kinds of emotions in a powerful way that we can share with our audiences. And for us, when you put it all out there and make yourself vulnerable in that way and the crowd starts connecting with you, there just isn’t anything better than that.”

There’s plenty more to come from Wolvera, who are just finishing up recording the final song for their debut EP Towards The Deep, which should be out in October. They’re also recording a video for that track and are in the process of designing and releasing new merch.

You can follow Wolvera on Instagram and TikTok, and check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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