GigRadar Fresh Tunes: Our New Music Friday Spotify Playlist Is Back!

Do you struggle to find the best new rock and metal releases? We do – even with the assistance that Spotify’s Release Radar playlist tries to offer us – to the point that we totally missed the fact that A Day To Remember and Slipknot had new tracks out until late last week!

With that in mind, we thought it was high time we revived our Fresh Tunes Spotify playlist, which collates up to 30 of our favourite new tracks from some of our favourite new rock and metal bands. Why 30 you ask? Well, that’s the maximum amount of people you’re allowed to tag in an Instagram post. Shameful.

And the good news is that today is the day that the playlist returns, which means we have some great new music for you to dig your teeth into. This week’s lineup includes a mix of metal, electro-rock, metalcore, rock, indie, and more from bands in Belarus, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, a load of bands from the Netherlands, New Zealand, the US and the UK.

It includes the brand new track from our favourite Kiwi band Crooked Royals, a healthy dose of our former New Bands of the Week including Steal The City and We Three Kings, some old favourites like NEON Empire, Late Night Legacy and Rivals, brand new bands to the site like New Habits, Vented, Wires and Wolvera, and some we’ll feature soon like Estonia’s Pridian and Holland’s Horizon Tide.

This week’s update tracks are:

Another Now – Stream
Belle Morte – Krew
Borders – Suffer
Cosmic Cold War (ft. Lyndsey Ward) – Shimmer
Crooked Royals – Glass Hands
Deadly Circus Fire – Slaves to the Radio
Horizon Tide – Disappear
Late Night Legacy – No No To Bojo
The Mantra – Acid Shoes
NEON Empire – WAR
New Habits – Breakaway
No Breakfast Goodbye – Leave The Seat Up
October Ends – Destroy Us All
Old Neon – Barely Alive
Pridian – Soft Gold
Rivals – Dangerous
Rozu – GRIT
Scarlet Dorn – Born to Suffer
Steal The City – Bulletproof
Strength Betrayed – SOCIETY
Two And A Half Girl – Fire
Vented – The End Game
Viscaya – Deja Vu

You can listen to all of this week’s new music and subscribe to GigRadar Fresh Tunes right now by hitting this link!

And here’s a stream for you to check it out:

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