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Discover This: 23 Valkyries

Arizona rock duo 23 Valkyries offer up a medley of rock elements that jumps from catchy singalong tracks to tear-jerking ballads to screaming guitar solos. In fact, it’s a sound they describe as “kind of like if Tom Petty met up with Dave Grohl for a beer.”

Discover This: Blossom Cult

Exciting new German band Blossom Cult are on a mission to provide a safe retreat for those who feel trapped in the torn society we find ourselves inhabiting. They’ve honed an intriguing sound that’s rooted in metalcore with elements of progressive rock and more.

Discover This: BetyLJoos

New York City solo artist BetyLJoos offers up a delicious dose of alternative metal with grunge and classic rock influences. The band is the work of Linda Dale, who takes on guitar and bass duties alongside the vocals, with assistance of guests on drums and some guitar duties.