Introducing: As I May

It’s fair to say that the best ideas in life probably don’t come to you when you’re intoxicated, although there’s plenty of music out there that might counter this claim.
One band that would certainly argue against this is new Finnish metal band As I May. The band founded back in March, based on one too many beers back in the metal homeland that is Finland.
We spoke to the five-piece of Kimmo Hartikainen (vocals) Jani Valhola (guitar and vocals) Lasse Hiltunen (guitar and scream – their words!), Hra Röinen (bass) and Ville Aulaskoski (drums), who hail from Mikkeli, in the south-east of Finland, to find out more about them.
They told us: “We came up with the idea to start a new band in March, when we were heavily drunk. We thought ‘let’s make music that what we like to listen to, and let’s think about nothing specific.’
“So we came up with the idea to make an album and decided to first release a demo, so we made demos through the summer and now we are recording an album. We hope to get it out by the Spring and start touring then, starting in Europe.
The band has already been named as band of the week by Finnish radio station Ylex and they seem set for great things, especially if Disease, the first song released off upcoming album Speak No Evil, is anything to go by.
The song opens up with a guitar solo and distorted guitars supported by some frantic drumming, which continue as big screamed vocals dominate the verse. This is followed by a superb singalong chorus which feeds into the reprise of the screamed verse. The second chorus is followed by a couple of awesome little solos, before the heavy verse and final chorus return. It’s fast, heavy, melodic and superb. Check it out on their YouTube page.
But the band explained that this track may not be wholly representative of their general sound. They told us: “As I May’s style is a little bit different than Disease. We make metal, trash metal and metalcore. Most of the songs don’t have as much screamed vocals as Disease does. Our main influnces are modern heavy metal bands and bands from our roots, such as Iron Maiden and Pantera.
“We decided to make this album in a different way to how we have ever made music before. Everyone does their own job with their own demo, which gives a lot of space to try different things. The only things that we have locked up are the songs’ vocals and melodies. Ville started his own work with the demo songs and recorded hi drums first.”
As I May could very well be the latest awesome metal band to emerge from Finland and we can’t wait to treat our ears to the upcoming album.
You can follow As I May on Facebook and Twitter, and check out their music, of which new material should be available soon, on Spotify.